Insulation Board, Product, and Systems

Buy good quality Insulation Board Products for heat, cold, fire, and noise reduction applications at Wedge India. We have strong manufacturing bases in more than 12 countries and capable to offer wide range of Insulation Boards and Materials for various applications in Building Insulation, Industrial Insulation, Noise Control, Cold Storages, Cold Chain Insulation, Prefabricated Building, Railways Insulation, Pipe Insulation, and Fire Protection Insulation.

Benefits of Insulation and Features

  • Low Thermal Conductivity 

  • High Insulation Performance

  • High Thermal Comfort in Homes

  • Energy Cost Reduction

  • Heat Loss Reduction

  • High Cold Storage Efficiency

  • Better Cold Insulation

  • Best Fire Protection

  • Effective heat shield

  • Energy Saving 

  • Environment Protection

  • Pollution Control & Reduction

  • Noise Barriers

  • High Acoustic Insulation

  • Better Home Insulation

  • Green Building Construction

  • Passive Fire Protection

  • Sound Control

  • High Strength with Light Weight

  • Building Life Enhancing

  • Industrial Heat Loss Reduction

  • Equipment Life Increase 

Wedge Insulation Products & Services

Vacuum Heat Treatment
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Construction Crane
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Wedge PU Polyurethane Insulation Boards1.png

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