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High Strength Insulation Boards

Low Cost | High Performance | Long Life

Buy low cost good quality Rigid Insulation Boards for Ladles, Steel Plant, Tundish, Aluminium Melting at Wedge India.


Wedge India produces & supply wide range of Insulation Boards including MgO Silicate Boards, Calcium Silicate Boards, Wollastonite Boards, Vermiculite Boards, Ceramic Insulation Boards, Biosoluble  Water Repellent Boards, and many combination of hybrid system to achieve best results and deliver benefits to the customers to:

  • Reduce Energy Cost

  • Reduce Heat Loss

  • Reduce Operation Cost

  • Increase Refractory Life

  • Increase Ladle & Tundish Life

Wedge HSI 1200

HSI 1200 grade boards are Calcium Silicate based Refractory Insulation Boards made of high quality refractory mineral fibers and calcium silicate bonded with high temperature clays. These insulation boards possess unique combination of properties for various industrial applications in furnace backup insulation, high temperature gasketing & seals.

Wedge HSI 1100

HSI 1100 grade are calcium silicate & wollastonite fibres based boards ideal protection against electrical arcs, used for burner, boiler and dryer gaskets. These boards are made of high quality wollastonite fibres and calcium silicate bonded with high temperature clays. These insulation boards possess unique combination of properties for various industrial applications in furnace backup insulation, high temperature gasketing & seals.


Wedge HSI 1000

are calcium silicate & wollastonite fibres based boards ideal for high temperature backup insulation, fire protection, fire doors, electrical home appliances, electrical arcs, furnace backup insulation, high temperature gasketing, duct fire protection, pipe insulation, fire & insulation seals, high temperature electrical insulation, etc.

Features & Benefits

• Very Strong Boards with high compressive strength

• High temperature resistance from 1000°C upto 1200°C

• Low Thermal Conductivity at high temperatures

• High Electrical Resistance at high temperature

• High fire resistance and heat shield properties

• Easy to cut and punch

• Available in moulded pipe section for pipe insulation


• Ladle & Tundish Insulation

• Lime Kiln and Cement Kiln Insulation

• High temperature insulation Gaskets

• Boiler & Furnace Insulation

• Oil & Gas Burners Insulation

• Furnace, Dryer, and Oven Insulation

• High temperature Pipe Insulation

• Refractory insulation expansion joints

• Metal clad Gaskets fillers

• Gaskets for centrifugal casting

• Glass rollers as washers on mandrel

• Stainless Steel Plant Rollers Insulation

• Electrical & home appliances insulation gaskets

• Fire Resistant Doors, Lifts, Safes, Cupboards

Wedge Steel Plant Insulation.png
Ladle Shell Protection.png

Case Study: Reducing Heat Loss in 60 MT Steel Plant Ladle

Case Study Wedge Ladle Insulation Boards.png

Buy Online Insulation Boards, Millboards, Ceramic Fibre Boards, and Paper at Wedge

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