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Good quality low price High Temperature Insulation Adhesive Ceramic Glue most suitable for economical processing of various types of insulating materials and lightweight construction systems. They are inorganic, asbestos-free and can be used for high temperatures. Structure, consistency and processing methods have been developed to suit special insulating material groups. It is equivalent to K84 Bonding Agent, Alsiflex Glue, and Microtherm Glue. 


The glue consists of a mixture of various inorganic substances. The glue is incombustible and does not create smoke if the temperature exceeds the permitted maximum. In that case, it will melt. It is very suitable for applying thermal insulation materials because the glue can withstand temperatures of about 1000º C.


Wedge HTG01 Glue adheres well to almost all foundations and can be used to glue insulation materials to steel and/or other foundations or to glue insulation materials together. The product has a high pH value, so it does not damage steel. In damp

conditions, aluminium may be slightly damaged. Wedge HT Glue is imperishable, sterile, not subject to decay, odourless and is not damaged by vermin, mould or fungi. High Temperature Insulation Adhesive Ceramic Glue for insulating materials refractory cement mortar microtherm K84 bonding agent.


Features & Advantages

• Ready-to-use

• High permanent temperature resistance up to 1000°C

• Quick bonding

• High adhesion strength



• Low Density Calcium Silicate Boards

• High Density Calcium Silicate Boards

• Microporous insulation

• Insulation on steel

• Fireproof stones

• Ceramic fibre

• Perlite Boards


Technical Properties


WK 84

WK 84/16

Product Name

High temperature Glue

High temperature Glue

Classification temperature









Processing temperature

5 - 40°C

5 - 40°C

Setting after application

8 h.

1 h.


24 h.

8 h.

Full hardening

1 week

1 week


dry, dust-free, grease-free

dry, dust-free, grease-free


frost-free, 6 months

frost-free, 6 months

Packaging unit

7.5 and 15 kg bucket

15 - 20 kg bucket

HTG01 | High Temperature Insulation Adhesive Glue

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