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Aluminium Wire, Ingots, Pyramids / Cubes

Low Cost | High Purity 99.7%

Wedge Coil Aluminium Wire W-Al99 is 99 % minimum specification. Aluminum (Al) is used for deoxidizing and grain refining in steels. It is a strong deoxidizer. It is also used as nitride former and as an alloying agent. Its ability to scavenge nitrogen (N) from steel makes it a useful addition in drawing quality steels, especially for automotive applications. We at wedge have strong willingness to offer best quality Steel Raw Materials. Along with Refractories Ferro Alloys are our one of the most important flagship product range.  


Aluminum (Al) is being used as a deoxidizing element in steels for more than 100 years. Deoxidation of steel with Al is common practice today. Al plays an important role in secondary metallurgy. It forms aluminum oxide or alumina (Al2O3) alumina and decreases the amount of oxygen in the steel during the production of killed steels.Metallic Al is the most common addition agent. 


At wedge we also supply other forms notched bars, shots, pigs, small ingots, chopped wire, briquettes along with convenient forms such as coiled machine fed wire. Purity of deoxidation grade of Al is normally over 95 % with the main tramp elements being zinc, tin, copper, magnesium, lead and manganese.

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