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Wedge Fire Sleeve is heat & fire resistant and ideal for protecting against high under bonnet temperatures which makes it perfect for use on hoses, wiring, oil and fuel lines. The Wedge Fire Sleeve is made from high temperature resistant woven insulated e-glass fibre sleeve coated with fire retardant silicon rubber coating. The Sleeve can have heat resistant upto 1650°C for short time and can resist 560°C of direct continuous heat which makes it perfect for insulating wires, oil and fuel lines from under bonnet heat.

Feature & Applications

  • Oil And Water Resistant

  • Can Be Shaped To Fit The Tightest Bends

  • Includes Fire Tape To Seal Sleeve Ends

  • Glass Fiber Sleeve With Silicone Rubber Coating

  • Perfect For Insulating Wires, Oil & Fuel Lines

  • Hook-and-loop Velcro edge for easy install 

  • Withstands harsh abrasions, hot oil spills & more 

  • Protect against hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils & most chemicals 

  • Durable & flexible for tight bends 

  • Can Be Shaped To Fit The Tightest Bends

  • Includes Fire Tape To Seal Sleeve Ends

  • Protects Against Dirt, humidity, sever environment

  • Withstands Up To 1650°C for short exposure

  • Withstands 560°C Of Direct Continuous Heat

  • Available Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and White 

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