Calcium Silicate Insulation Boards, Pipe Section, Designs

Wedge Calcium Silicate Board.png

Low Density Calcium Silicate

We produce extremely low thermal conductivity, high strength Low Calcium Silicate Insulation Boards, Pipe Sections, and Designs for all types of industrial applications for heat insulation temperatures from 600 C to 1100 C. 

These boards are resistant to H2, CO, CH4, NH3, N2,  lightweight, high thermal resistance, high mechanical strength, vibration resistant, resistant to moisture and chemicals, low heat storage. These boards are also available in ready to use machined parts, pipe support shoe form, pipe sections, rings, gaskets, and seals forms. We can also supply Calcium Silicate Powder for filling applications.


High Density Calcium Silicate

Wedge High Density Calcium Silicate Boards are high strength, high temperature insulation, high machinability, and non-wettability to direct contact with molten aluminium such as transfer ladle, casting, holding, metal bath furnace in launders, spouts, floats, hot top ring headers, and holding furnaces for die-casting.


We also offer Graphite Reinforced high density calcium silicate boards with very low shrinkage, less oil absorption,

less out gassing when in metal contact, high non-wetting with molten metal, excellent machinability due to improved toughness and strength.