Vermiculite Insulation Boards

Low Cost | Good Insulation | High Strength

Wedge W-VCL high temperature insulating boards are manufactured with base material exfoliated vermiculite and inorganic binders. 

The material is free of asbestos and organic substances. Vermiculite is an aluminium-magnesium layer silicate, which bloats to ultralightweight granulates through heating and is processed to boards, bricks and shaped parts through a compression mould procedure.


• High thermal shock resistance.

• Can be applied in the furnace at fire side.

• Fireproof, Non-combustible A1, excellent fire protection.

• No smoke nuisance during heating-up.

• Low thermal conductivity.

• High electrical resistance.

• Easy handling and installation.

• High thermal resistance.

• Good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and exhaust gases.


• Industrial furnace construction for thermal insulation.

• Hot face directly in the furnace and backup insulation.

• Widely used in Aluminium Melting furnace, Steel ladle, tundish, torpedo ladle, glass melting as backup insulation.

• Household appliances: Night storage heaters, Boilers, Hearths, Vessels and tanks.

• Fireplace linings, hot stove.

• Resistant to CO and CH4 atmosphere;

• Non wetted by fluid aluminium, kryolite and flouride.

Download the Technical Data Sheet of Wedge Vermiculite Boards

Wedge Vermiculite Insulation Boards