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Fire Resistant Blastproof Steel Cement Boards | Wedge India

Blast Proof | Fire Resistant | Low Cost | Long Lasting | Heat Resistant

Wedge Steel Cement Board is a high impact heavy duty steel composite board manufactured with a fibre reinforced environmentally friendly high density calcium silicate & cement core, with outer facings of perforated galvanised steel, mechanically bonded to both outer surfaces. These boards are fire resistant up to 240 minutes and classed as non-combustible. In the severest of situations, when protection is needed for up to 4 hours integrity and insulation.

Main Features & Benefits

  • High fire resistance up to 240 minutes

  • Excellent heat shield & thermal protection

  • Very high mechanical strength

  • Waterproof, shockproof, tasteless, non-toxic

  • Does not rot, does not crack, deformable

  • Non-combustible, high strength, heavy weight

  • Convenient construction, long service life


  • Blast resistant transformer barriers

  • Ceilings and plenum ceilings

  • Thermal Insulation & Heat Shield Barrier

  • Electrical and mechanical services enclosures

  • Fire and blast resistant walls and hoardings

  • Fire rated impact resistant doors

  • Hydrocarbon fire resistant barriers

  • Hazardous materials vaults

  • Impact resistant barriers and spandrels

  • Loadbearing floors, roofs and access panels

  • Ventilation, smoke outlet and kitchen extract ductwork

  • Vertical shaft systems

  • Fire and blast resistant walls & partitions

  • Blast resistant transformer barriers,

  • Steel splash protection

  • Steel plant blast protection

  • Steel plant heat shield barrier

  • Refinery fire & blast protection

  • Kitchen cylinder blast protection

  • Blast security

  • Kitchen cylinder fire protection

  • Blast proof door manufacturing

Steel Composite Boards
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