AG06 650 | Aerogel Insulation 

High Performance | Low Cost | Long Lasting

Wedge AG06 650 are low density, low thickness, flexible commercial grade Aerogel Blanket having extremely high performance in pipe insulation in both industrial and buildings applications. The AG06 650 aerogel insulation blankets are made of high quality silica aerogel and of glass fiber needled blanket.


Features & Benefits

• Lightweight, thin, custom made & very flexible

• Noncombustible & Environmentally friendly

• Resistant to most chemicals

• Superior Insulation Performance

• 4 to 5 times better than traditional insulation

products with longer service life

• Reduced Insulation Thickness

• Hydrophobicity and Fire-proof

• Repel water from penetrating into pipes

• A1 rating of fire-proof

• Transportation Costs Savings

• Lower packing volume and lower weight can

greatly cut down logistics costs


• Hot Water / Gas / Oil Pipeline

• High heat Steam Pipeline

• Petrochemical industry & power generation

• Back-up insulation in refractory lined pipes

• Exhaust systems

• Filler material for mattresses, cassettes, heat shields,

expansion joints

• Prefabricated pipe with insulation

• Tanks, vessels and other equipment

• Pipe line insulation in Petrochemical plants

• Automobile, high-speed, train, and subway

• Building and Construction

• PFP (Passive Fire Protection)