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WedGel Powder, Aerogel Insulation Powder Granules WedGel WAP20, WAP60 WAPM19 AG Bead WedGel Aerogel powder are granules of Aerogel material made of silica aerogel particles having a nano- porous structure. WedGel Aerogel, in its original form, is a highly porous solid material with a gel-like structure, typically composed of a network of interconnected nanoparticles or fibers. When the liquid component of the gel is removed through a drying process, it results in an WedGel Aerogel with a high porosity and low density. It is high porosity and ultra-low density, high specific surface area, ultra-high pore volume. All these advantages make this material have super excellent performance on thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, adsorption, environmental protection, flame retardant and hydrophobic, and other fields.


Features & Benefits

WedGel Powder has thermal conductivity less than 0.018W/m•K and very high hydrophobicity with water repellence rate ≥90%.

Its light weight with porosity as high as 90%. The product is composed of inorganic materials, does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and is safe and reliable.

  • High Porosity: Like WedGel Aerogel in its solid form, WedGel Aerogel powder retains the high porosity that characterizes WedGel Aerogel materials. This porosity contributes to its excellent thermal insulation properties and low density.
  • Low Density: WedGel Aerogel powder is lightweight due to its low density. This makes it an attractive material for various applications where weight reduction is desirable.
  • Ultra-low thermal conductivity: WedGel Aerogel powder retains the exceptional thermal insulation properties of WedGel Aerogel. Its low thermal conductivity helps to minimize heat transfer and makes it suitable for use in thermal insulation applications.
  • Versatile Applications: WedGel Aerogel powder can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be incorporated into paints, coatings, or composite materials to enhance their thermal insulation properties. It can also be used in the production of WedGel Aerogel blankets, panels, or other insulation products.
  • Processability: WedGel Aerogel powder is highly processable due to its fine particle size. It can be easily mixed or dispersed into various liquid or solid matrices to create composite materials with improved insulation capabilities.



Applications of Aerogel Powder

  • Insulation coating and water based aerogel slurry.
  • Polyester slice and functional polyester film.
  • Insulation foam sheet filler.
  • Purification adsorption function packing.
  • Reduce the density of composite insulation material.
  • Enhance fire resistance of various materials.
  • Enhance thermal insulation performance of gypsum boards
    Insulation and hydrophobic coatings



WedGel WAP20

WedGel WAP60

WedGel WAPM19

WedGel AG Bead






Thermal Conductivity, W/m·K at 25°C

0.016 - 0.018



0.016 - 0.019

Specific surface area, m2/g

600 - 800


600 - 800

300 - 500

Bulk density, kg/m3

20 - 100



100 - 200

Particle size

15 - 50 μm

11 μm

2 - 20 μm

1 - 6 mm

Pore Hole diameter, nm

20 - 50


20 - 40

20 - 25

Porosity, %

90 - 95


90 - 98


Surface properties





WedGel Powder | Aerogel Insulation Powder Granules

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