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cold shipping boxes

Cold cooler insulated shipping box | Lunch Box Hot Cold

Low Cost | Thin | Light Weight | High Insulation

Buy good quality longer life low cost cooler box, insulated lunch boxes, shipping cold  box, for cool and hot insulation, ice, food, vaccine made of rigid hard materials. Best for transport and shipping of  vaccine, fish, fresh foods, with vacuum insulation foam, EPP, EPS, PU walls, covered with insulated strong bag. Vacuum Insulated Boxes for Cold Chain Storage & Transportation of Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Ice-cream, Blood, and Vaccine at Wedge India. 

Vacuum Insulated Shipping Boxes

Material Structure: Surface Material + VIP + PU, Polypropylene hollow sheet / Honeycomb Sheet + PUV + Aluminium coating woven roving, PET +PUV+PET

Insulation performance: more than 5 Days

Cost Benefit: Reduced PCM / Coolant Requirements under the same insulation requirements

Good strength: pass the test of falling, vibration, collision resistance
Energy saving and environment protection: Recyclable & Environmental protectionOperating Environment: -30°C to 80°C,
Optional Component: Surface Material, PCM coolant, Temperature display system.



  • Cold chain transportation

  • Cold Chain Storage

  • Vaccine Transport

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Storage & Transport

  • Ice Cream Transport

  • Cold Storage

  • Reefers

  • Cold Air Transport

  • Frozen Fish Storage & Transport

  • Fresh Meat Storage & Transport

  • Frozen Fruit Concentrates Storage & Transport

Air Box: Made of HVI VIP Core & PUR as insulation layer. Consist of the foamed insulated panel. High strength material, protective material, shock-proof, impact resistance. Customized Size, suitable for a small number requirement of box with multi sizes. Repairable and recyclable.

Type of Insulated Shipping Boxes and Cooler Box

  • We offer wide range of Cooler box and Insulated Shipping Boxes.

  • Insulated lunch box, Cool lunch boxes, Cooler lunch box

  • Insulated shipping boxes, Ice box cooler

  • Vacuum Insulated box, Insulated boxes for air shipping

  • Cold shipping boxes, Cool box storage

  • Hard lunch box cooler, EPP Insulated Box

  • Wooden cooler box, Cool box portable storage

  • DIY cooler box, Stainless steel insulated lunch box, Cold brew box

cooler Box

Insulated Lunch Box

Best Lightweight lunch box with cooler bag highly Durable, food safe, Eco-friendly, Easy to clean, Ideal for everyday use.

Material : Plastic

Food Container Feature : Microwavable

Feature : Eco-Friendly

Color : Multicolor

Clean : Easy to Clean

Cooler Bag : Include

EPP Insulated Boxes for Shipping

EPP Cooler Box is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP closed-cell bead foam provides thermal insulation with a high level of durability to weight ratio, plus it's an excellent energy absorbing material that withstands multiple impacts without damage.

Material :EPP Closed Cell Foam

Usage :Food, Cans, Wine & Drink, Promotion

Style :Box

Disposable :Non-Disposable

Color :White, Grey, Black

Thickness :25mm

Feature :Collapsible

Application :Shipping, Transport, Restaurant, Canteen, Bar, Event, Transport Package Carton

Capacity: 18 Liter, 26 Liter, 39 Liter

Product Weight: 350 g, 600 g, 800 g

Exterior Size: L380*W380*H220mm, L425*W425*H240mm, L600*W410*H250mm

Interior Size: L335*W335*H160mm, L375*W375*H185mm, L550*W350*H200mm

EPP Cooler Box | 6,2 Liter

• External: 263 x 233 x 197 mm
• Internal: 218 x 188 x 154 mm
• Only Box Weight: 0.3 kgs
• Cold duration – 10-12 hours with 4 Ice packs

Price : Rs 2700/- , Qty 2 nos

1.8L EPP Delivery Box

External: 246 x 247 x 305 mm
Internal: 181 x 179 x 174 mm
Storage Compartment: 104*104*164mm Only Box Weight: 0.4 kgs

Cold duration – hours with 4 Ice packs

Price : Rs 750 /- , MOQ 500 nos ( Manufactured in INDIA)

insulated shipping boxes
EPP Cooler Box | 25 Liter
  • External: 415 x 335 x 385 mm

  • Internal: 355 x 275 x 325 mm

  • Only Box Weight: 1,5 kg

  • Cold Duration 24 hours with 6 Ice packs or Gel pillow( 1500/pc) 2 nos

  • Price: Rs 6500 , Available qty 10 nos

EPP Cooler Box | 60 Liter
  • External: 660 x 400 x 430 mm

  • Internal: 486 x 320 x 365mm •OnlyBoxWeight: 2.5kg

  • Cold Duration 36 Hours ( 4 gel pillows)

  • Price : 7500 + gel pillow/pc (2500) - qty 4 nos

Insulated Cooler Box Application
Heat Loss Calculator
Insulation, Raw Materials, Refractories, Building Materials

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator

Right Insulation Materials Selection to get most feasible commercial solution. Achieving right combination of Insualtion materials and thickness is most complex decision to achieve lowest heat loss with minimum insulation thickness at various applications and temperatures. Wedge India helps its client to select right combination of Insulation material for various applications based on R Value heat loss calculator software, u p k calculations to find right insulation thickness, achieve target cold face temperature, and minimise heat losses at very low price. We also make energy audits as per requests from our customers. R value calculator delivers best insulation thickness r30 r38 r19 r49 r21 r60 for home and buildings to save cost at high efficiency.

Get Thermal Calculation, Insulation Thickness, Heat Loss

Benefits of Heat Loss Calculator

  • Get right Thickness of Insulation.

  • Find right Insulation Materials Selection.

  • Get lowest cost combination of Insulation System.

  • Get better heat loss reduction decision.

  • Clear view of Energy Saving potential and Energy Audits.

  • Low cost and optimum Furnace Design.

  • Best Energy cost reduction possibilities.

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator.png
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