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Rockwool Insulation

Stone mineral slag wool insulation board slab | Wedge India

High Strength | High Temperature Resistant | Low Cost

Mineral wool, also known as stone slag wool, is a type of insulation material made from natural rock, typically basalt or diabase, which is heated and spun into fibers. These fibers are then compressed and formed into various shapes, including batts, rolls, boards, and loose-fill insulation. Mineral wool insulation is valued for its excellent thermal insulation properties, as it effectively reduces heat transfer and helps maintain indoor temperatures. It is also known for its fire resistance, sound absorption, and resistance to moisture, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.


Mineral wool insulation is commonly used in walls, roofs, floors, and attics to improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort. It is also used in fire-resistant barriers, acoustic panels, and as a growing medium in hydroponic gardening. Additionally, Mineral wool is considered environmentally friendly as it is made from abundant and recyclable materials. Mineral wool is a type of insulation material made from natural or synthetic minerals, primarily rock or slag. It is commonly used in construction for thermal and acoustic insulation. Mineral wool is manufactured by melting raw materials like basalt, diabase, or slag at high temperatures and then spinning the molten material into fibers. These fibers are then compressed into various forms such as batts, rolls, boards, or loose-fill insulation.

Get good quality Stone rock mineral slag wool Slab, Mattress, Board, Blankets, and Pipe Section Insulation made in India, China at low price in Wedge India. Stone rock mineral slag wool Insulation products are made of pure stone wool bonded with high quality thermosetting resin binders. Our Stone rock mineral slag wool products are multifunction boards non-asbestos, non-combustible type having extremely high melting temperature. It do not produce toxic smoke in the event of a fire and are an excellent barrier against the spread of flames to help protect occupants and reduce property damage. We offer wide range of densities from 48 – 200 Kg/M3. Get best Stone rock mineral slag wool insulation board slab wire mesh mattress fire proof resistant blanket aluminium foil high density wedge india.

Mineral wool insulation is glass, rock, or slag that has been transformed from a molten condition into a fibrous condition. Mineral wool insulation comes in two varieties. The first is mostly composed of natural stone fibers such as molten basalt or diabase. This variety is made from volcanic rock that has been melted at roughly 1,600°C. This heated rock is then spun into wool and bonded together with various resins and oils. The second is generated from spinning slag, a byproduct of steel manufacture. It may also be derived from natural rock or by mixing it with molten material or even glass. Mineral wool can be used for filtration, soundproofing, thermal insulation,  and seedling germination.


Features Benefits Advantages Stone rock mineral slag wool Insulation

  • Very high acoustic / sound insulation performance.

  • High Thermal Integrity.

  • It will not slump, shrink, expand

  • Excellent moisture control.

  • Water proof / water repellent option available

  • Non-combustible & High fire resistance

  • Cost-efficient insulating effect

  • Stable and jolt-proof

  • High permanent temperature resistance

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Low organic binder content

  • Rot-resistant and non-ageing

  • Chemically neutral

  • Water-repellent

  • Easy to machine

Stone rock mineral slag wool Insulation Applications

  • Production of Sandwich Panels

  • Roof Insulation 

  • Wall Insulation

  • Partitions Insulation

  • Fire protection

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Thermal-Acoustic Insulation

  • Acoustic Insulation

  • Construction Insulation 

  • Ship Insulation 

  • Gaskets and Equipment Insulation

  • Noise Barrier and Sound Insulation.

  • Water and boiler linings

  • Combustion areas

  • Heat shielding

  • Pipe insulation

  • Flue liners

  • Burner assemblies

  • Industrial and kiln furnace linings

  • Residential Construction

  • Non-Residential Construction

  • Industrial and HVAC

  • Appliances

  • Power Plant Boilers

  • Turbine Insulation

  • Oil & Gas Pipe Line Insulation

  • Solar Power Plant

  • Refineries Insulation

  • Coker Drum Insulation

  • Fire Doors Manufacturing

  • Fireproof of power plant, oil deport.

  • Exterior or interior thermal & acoustical insulation.

  • External wall, roofing, partition, curtain wall, etc

  • Fire Resistant Doors, Lifts, Safes, Cupboards.

rockwool sound insulation
Types of Stone mineral slag wool Products at Wedge India
  • Commercial Grade Stone mineral slag wool

  • High Density Stone rock mineral slag wool

  • Low Density Stone mineral slag wool

  • Fire Resistant Stone rock mineral slag wool

  • Water Repellent Stone mineral slag wool

  • Hydrophobic Stone rock mineral slag wool

  • 120 Minute Fire Rated Stone rock mineral slag wool

  • Fire Door Making Stone mineral slag wool

  • Fire Duct Stone mineral slag wool

  • Chiller Pipe Insulation Stone mineral slag wool  

  • Boiler Insulation Stone mineral slag wool

  • High Strength Stone mineral slag wool

  • Lamellar Stone mineral slag wool

HDRW 850 | High Density Rigid Stone rock mineral slag wool Insulation Boards

High Strength | High Temperature Resistant | Low Cost

Wedge HDRW 850 are Refractory Insulation Boards are made of high quality refractory grade mineral fibers Stone rock mineral slag wool bonded with high temperature clays. These insulation boards possess unique combination of properties for various industrial applications in furnace backup insulation, fire rated doors, fire protection & heat shield, high temperature gasketing & seals.

• Strong Rigid Boards with high compressive strength.

• High temperature resistance upto 850 °C.

• Very low Thermal Conductivity at high temperatures.

• High Electrical Resistance at high temperature.

• High fire resistance and heat shield properties.

• Easy to cut, laminate, and punch.

• Adaptable by wet moulding for pipe insulation.


• Furnace Insulation

• High Temperature Pipe Insulation

• Fire Doors Making / Lift Doors

• Heat Shield / Thermal Protection

• Fire Protection Systems

• Lime Kiln and Cement Kiln Insulation

• High temperature insulation Gaskets

• Boiler & Furnace Insulation

• Oil & Gas Burners Insulation

• Furnace, Dryer, and Oven Insulation

• Refractory insulation expansion joints

• Metal clad Gaskets fillers

• Induction Furnace Insulation

• Glass rollers as washers on mandrel

• Electrical & home appliances insulation gaskets

High Density Rigid Rockwool Board
Heat Loss Calculator
Insulation, Raw Materials, Refractories, Building Materials

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator

Right Insulation Materials Selection to get most feasible commercial solution. Achieving right combination of Insualtion materials and thickness is most complex decision to achieve lowest heat loss with minimum insulation thickness at various applications and temperatures. Wedge India helps its client to select right combination of Insulation material for various applications based on R Value heat loss calculator software, u p k calculations to find right insulation thickness, achieve target cold face temperature, and minimise heat losses at very low price. We also make energy audits as per requests from our customers. R value calculator delivers best insulation thickness r30 r38 r19 r49 r21 r60 for home and buildings to save cost at high efficiency.

Get Thermal Calculation, Insulation Thickness, Heat Loss

Benefits of Heat Loss Calculator

  • Get right Thickness of Insulation.

  • Find right Insulation Materials Selection.

  • Get lowest cost combination of Insulation System.

  • Get better heat loss reduction decision.

  • Clear view of Energy Saving potential and Energy Audits.

  • Low cost and optimum Furnace Design.

  • Best Energy cost reduction possibilities.

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