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Solar Plant Mounting Systems

Long Life | Low Cost | Easy Installation | Free Spare Parts

Manufacture & fabricating low cost long life Steel and Aluminium Solar Energy Mounting Components, installation Mountings for Tile Roof, Metal Roof, Flat Roof, Ground Mount, Carport in Wedge India.

Tile Roof Mount

  • S Tile Mount

  • Adjustable S Tile Mount

  • Flat Tile Mount

  • Asphalt Shingle Mount

  • Roman Tile Mount

Metal Roof Mount

  • L Feet Metal Roof Mount

  • Hanger Bolt Metal Roof Mount

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp

  • Trapezoidal Metal Roof Mount

  • Lysaght Klip-lok Metal Roof Mounts

  • Rail-free Metal Roof Mount

  • Adjustable Tilt Metal Roof Mount

  • Standoff Metal Roof Mount

Flat Roof Mount

  • Ballast I-2 Flat Roof Mount

  • Ballast I-3 Flat Roof Mount

  • Ballast III Flat Roof Mount

  • Aluminum Triangular Mount

  • Adjustable Steel Mount

Ground Mount

  • T2VC Aluminum Ground Mount

  • U2V Steel Ground Mount

  • Pipe Ground Mount

  • Σ Single Pipe Ground Mount

  • Adjustable Steel Ground Mount



  • Aluminium Carport

  • Steel Carport

  • Steel T Carport

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