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Glass Wool, Fibreglass, Glass Fibre Insulation

Glass wool blanket is one kind of porous material with excellent thermal insulation and  sound absorption performance. Buy good quality Glass Wool, Fibreglass, Glass Fibre,  made in India, and China at low price for heat insulation, acoustic Insulation, in home, building, pipe, cavity wall insulation, ceiling tiles, curtain walls, ducting, etc. At Wedge India we offer best possible price, faster delivery, application service through our channel partners.

Good quality glass wool, fibreglass insulation products are manufactured with high purity raw materials inorganic compositions SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), Aluminum Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide. These various raw materials are mixed and heated to get melted glass that is further processed  to the fiberizing. The glass reaches the required temperature to be converted into fibres.


Fiberizing is made according original process which combines a centrifugal drawing of the glass through a rotating device drilled with holes, called spinner, and a fibre attenuation thanks to high temperature gas jet streams. Now the fibres are ready for the forming process. Forming is done within a forming section and some specifics tools designed to rearrange fibres in the mattress or boards. The structure and density of the products are adapted in each case, depending of the requirement of their final use.

Features & Benefits

  • Good heat loss reduction

  • Energy cost reduction

  • IS: 3690 Specification for glass wool mats for thermal insulation

  • Energy Saving

  • Low density, lower weight

  • Resin bonded glass wool

  • Glass wool products are non-combustible

  • Operating temperatures up to 370° C 

  • It is made of 80% recyclable materials 

  • Is poses no health hazards 

  • It is lightweight and easy to install 

  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

  • Effective Moisture and Condensation Control,

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Environment Friendly

  • Improve the Light Diffusion 

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Excellent chemical stability

  • High tensile strength



  • Roof and Wall Insulation

  • Home and Building thermal Insulation.

  • Acoustic Insulation

  • Pipe insulation 

  • Power generations turbines 

  • Tanks and vessels 

  • Boilers, driers and ovens 

  • Cavity wall and dry wall insulation 

  • HVAC and Air-conditioning system insulations

  • Over purlin roof insulation in commercial buildings 

  • Suspended ceilings 

  • Industrial roof insulation 

  • Top up roof insulation 

  • Industrial furnace lining

  • Duct and turbine insulation

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Types of Glass Wool / Fibreglass

  • Soundproof Glass Wool

  • Sandwich Panel Glass Wool Cold Storage

  • Centrifugal glass wool 

  • Glass Wool Blanket with Kraft Paper

  • Aluminium foil covered Glass Wool

  • Zero formaldehyde glass wool blanket

  • Rigid high density glass wool board

  • Seam glass wool pipe section

  • 25mm thick glass wool board duct insulation

  • Fireproof aluminum foil glass wool

  • Fiber glas wool board with pvc for ceiling

  • Glass Wool Acoustic Ceiling Tile

  • Hydrophobic glass wool blanket

  • Waterproof glass wool board

Glass Wool Roll

Thickness: 25 - 180mm
Density: 10 - 80 kg/M3
Roll width:1150mm / 1200mm
Length: 3 - 25m
Aluminium foil width: 1.2/1.25 m

Thermal conductivity: 0.037w/m.k

The glass wool blanket is a kind of scrolling materials made for the large area laying.Besides heat insulation and thermal insulation,it has other advantages such as excellent damping and sound absorption, especially for intermediate and low frequency and all kinds of noise concussion, noise reduction and working environment improvement.

Glass wool blanket with aluminum foil has the effect of heat radiation hardening, a lining material mainly used in high-temperature workshops, control room, inner wall of computer lab,isolated room and flat top.

Our standard package: Vacuum compressed packing in plastic bag and plastic woven bag.

Glass Wool Board

Resin Bonded Glass Wool Board.

Board width:600-1200mm
Board Length:0.6-2.4m

Fabric diameter: 6μm
Thermal conductivity: 0.037w/m.k

Degree for safety use: -120℃-400℃

This Glass Wool Board is board material made of super slender wool added with phenolic resin binder by pressing, heating and solidifying. Can be covered with Pwc cloth or aluinium foil. This product has light capability, great coefficient of absorption, fire resistance and excellent chemical stability, etc.


Heat preservation,cool preservation and sound absorbing materials for roof Heat preservation,cool preservation for constructions

Absorbing sound process for entertainment places, TV station, and Broadcasting station, Lab etc,

Glass Wool Pipe

Resin Bonded Glass Wool Board.

Pipe Dia:22-720mm
Board Length:1-2m

Rock wool pipe is made of natural basalt as the major materials which are made into man-made inorganic fibers by fast centrifugal equipment after high-temperature melted, and at the same time adding special adhesives and dust laying oil. 


Heat insulation of various hot and cold pipelines, and hidden and exposed pipelines. Heat insulation of pipelines in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy and etc.
Heat-preserving meshes should possess the functions of anti-condensation, moisture-proof.

Rockwool Pipe Section:

The pipe section is produced from non-combustible mineral fibers. It performs strong and rigid. Each section is split at one side and hinged at the other side for easy installation.

Glass Wool, Fiberglass Duct Insulation

Glass Wool Duct is rigid board insulation material manufactured from resin bonded inorganic glass fibers. The exterior surface of the board is a factory-applied reinforced aluminium foil-air barrier and water vapour retarder. Duct system components such as tees, offsets, elbows and transitions may be fabricated from flat duct board. Fibrous glass duct boards are fabricated into ducts to make a fibrous glass duct system. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fire Protection

  • High Thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Faster installation and Easy to install

  • Lower installed cost

  • Flexibility of site fabrication and assembly

  • Precision of factory made ducts

  • Improved performance and energy savings

  • Excellent aesthetics with cleaner look 

Application Guidelines

  • The duct should be covered with two coats of cold applied bitumen or any other equivalent approved product after cleaning the surface & sealing all joints against leakages.

  • The insulation of specific R-value and thickness should then be cut to appropriate length and stuck to the duct while the adhesive is still wet. 

  • All longitudinal joints and circular overlaps should be sealed with aluminium foil tape (50mm width) to make the installation leak proof.

  • For large ducts, where adhesive pins have been used, speed washers / clips should be covered completely with Aluminium foil- tape to have an air-tight finish.

  • The insulation should then be secured over the duct using mechanically fastened nylon/steel straps (12mm/50mm) at appropriate intervals (max 1.2m). 

  • For ducts having width greater than 0.6m, heavy duty self- pins are to be applied to the duct at appropriate intervals (max 300mm)

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