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WedGel WJ120 and WJ400 are thin layer or coating applied to a surface that incorporates WedGel Aerogel material. The WedGel coat is designed to provide specific properties, such as thermal insulation, moisture resistance, or protection, to the coated surface. WedGel Aerogel can be incorporated into paint formulations to enhance certain properties of the paint, such as thermal insulation, fire resistance, or acoustic damping. Aerogel paint is an innovative product supplied by Wedge is high performance insulation coatings for the areas where panels cannot be applied. The WJ120 Degree grade Aerogel spray is organic polymer based Silica Aerogel Coating for low temperature resistance in industrial use. WJ400 grade aerogel coating offers high insulation up to temperature 400 °C. The coating is a viscous paste which can be applicated by spraying, smearing,  scraping, batching, or simply with paint brush.


Features & Benefits of Aerogel Coatings

· High Thermal Insulation: WedGel Aerogel paint incorporates WedGel Aerogel particles, which have excellent thermal insulation properties. The WedGel Aerogel particles help to reduce heat transfer through the coated surface by minimizing thermal conductivity. This can help in reducing heat loss or gain, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing thermal comfort in buildings or other applications.

· Aesthetic Appeal: In addition to its insulation properties, WedGel Aerogel paint can provide a decorative finish to surfaces. It is available in various colors and finishes, allowing for customization and aesthetic enhancement of coated areas.

· Moisture Resistance: Depending on the specific formulation, WedGel Aerogel paint can exhibit moisture resistance properties. This can help protect the underlying surfaces from moisture intrusion, which can contribute to mold growth, deterioration, or other moisture-related issues.

· Fire and flame retardant: Inorganic materials can effectively prevent the spread of fire. The combustion level is Class A.

· Safe and environmentally friendly, friendly to the ecological environment. The water-based solvent does not contain volatile harmful substances.

· Safe and environmentally friendly, eco-friendly: The material uses water as the solvent, does not contain volatile harmful compounds, the production process and the use of the process is safe and environmentally friendly non-toxic. While foam insulation materials, mineral fiber, glass wool and other materials will produce harmful material residues.

· Easy construction, low cost: The construction process of traditional thermal insulation material is 7~15 courses, and the construction process of aerogel material is 5 courses, and the spraying process can effectively reduce the construction difficulty, shorten the construction cycle and guarantee the construction safety.

· Sound insulation and noise reduction, long service life: The aerogel coating has good sound insulation and noise reduction function when used on the building, and the different functions of water-based heat-reflecting materials and water- based water-proof materials are synergistic with each other to form a complete heat insulation or heat insulation and water-proof function, and the service life can be as long as ten years.

WedGel QualityWedge WJ120Wedge WJ400
ColourWhiteWhite / Grey
Thermal Conductivity, W/m·K at 25°C0.0380.038
Application Temperature Range, ºC-40 to 120-40 to 400
Solid Content, %32 - 3532 - 35
WFT / Coat (μm), maximum500500
DFT / Coat (μm), maximum175175
Curing, Wet at 50-85 °C30 minute / 0.5 mm30 minute / 0.5 mm
Curing at NTP (20~30oC)3 hrs./.5mm WFT3 hrs./.5mm WFT
Dry density, Kg/m3280 - 320380 - 450
Dry SiO2, Silica %90 - 9290 - 92
ApplicationBuilding PaintIndustrial Paint
Construction Temperature Range, ºCMay-40May-50
Application usage area Kg/m20.7 - 1.58 - 10 (10mm)
Fire Performance, Reaction to fireA2A
Drying Time, hr44 at 80 °C
Shelf Life, months66

WedGel WJ120, WJ400 | Aerogel Coating, Spray, Paint, Paste

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