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AcryCast | Cast Acrylic Sheets

Light Weight | Long Life | High Strength | High Insulation

Wedge AcryCast is cast acrylic sheet manufactured by casting off the MMA monomer. We offer wide range of thickness bullet resistant acrylic sheets.


These sheets are extremely lightweight, rigid, low water absorption, excellent optical properties, good electrical and UV resistivity, outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering.


These sheets are used in a variety of applications building and construction, commercial and structural glazing, display and point of sale, machine shops, plastic and metal. Cast acrylic sheets have excellent transparency of 92% light transmission and are widely used in museum casings, aircraft windscreens, signage, and displays.


They have high molecular weight, which makes it more rigid, easy to handle, and craze resistant.

Features & Benefits

  • Good weather resistance,

  • Bullet resistant acrylic sheet

  • High acid and alkali resistance

  • High discolouring & yellowing resistance

  • The longest service life

  • Guarantee for minimum 8 years

  • High light transmittance above 92%

  • Sixteen times impact resistance that of ordinary glass

  • Suitable for installation in specially needed safety zone

  • Excellent insulation performance

  • Suitable for various electrical equipment

  • Half lighter than ordinary glass

  • Less load on buildings and supports

  • Colorful and high brightness

  • Easy to process.



  • Display and signage

  • Outdoor advertisings

  • Interior designing

  • Digital screens signage

  • Advertising at airports, hotel lobbies, and retail stores

  • Glare reduction, anti-fogging,

  • Automotive industry

  • Architecture designs

  • Sanitary ware

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