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Ceramic Millboards Discs

Wedge HSI 1200 are Ceramic Insulation Millboards & Discs made of high quality refractory ceramic fibres & calcium silicate bonded with high temperature clays.


These insulation boards possess unique combination of properties for various industrial applications in furnace backup insulation, high temperature gasketing & seals.

  • Very Strong Boards with high compressive strength.

  • High temperature resistance from 1000 to 1200°C.

  • Very low Thermal Conductivity at high temperatures.

  • High Electrical Resistance at high temperature.

  • High fire resistance and heat shield properties.

  • Easy to cut and punch.

  • Adaptable by wet moulding for pipe insulation.


  • Stainless Steel Plant Rollers Insulation.

  • High temperature insulation Gaskets.

  • Furnace, Dryer, and Oven Insulation.

  • High temperature Pipe Insulation.

  • Refractory insulation expansion joints.

  • Metal clad Gaskets fillers.

  • Gaskets for centrifugal casting.

  • Glass rollers as washers on mandrel.

  • Electrical & home appliances insulation gaskets.

  • Fire Resistant Doors, Lifts, Safes, Cupboards.

  • Ladle & Tundish Insulation

Fire Fly Millboards Tenmat India Wedge6.
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