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AcryEx | Extruded Acrylic Sheets

Light Weight | Long Life | High Strength | High Insulation

Wedge AcryEx is low cost multipurpose extruded acrylic sheet has wide range of applications including point of POP purchase displays, lighting, signage, framing, etc. Extruded acrylic sheet is easy to cut, glue, polish, bend and thermoform.


Crystal clear and color tinted options are available featuring no distortion or yellowing and offer better optical quality than glass.


Extruded acrylic sheet features an impact-resistant design that is up to three times stronger than glass. Acrylic is much tougher than glass, at half the weight, is easy to fabricate and form into a variety of shapes, comes in hundreds of colors and is readily decorated.


It provides a new level of flexibility and allows ideas to take shape. Acrylic is often used where safety and ease of handling are concerns. It is many times more impact resistant than conventional plate glass and has similar impact strength compared to tempered glass.

Features & Benefits

  • Good weather resistance,

  • Acid and alkali resistance

  • Discolouring & yellowing resistance

  • High light transmittance above 92%

  • Wide range of colours availability

  • Excellent insulation performance

  • Suitable for various electrical equipment

  • Half lighter than ordinary glass

  • Less load on buildings and supports

  • Easy to process.


  • Display and signage

  • Interior partitions

  • Exterior storm windows

  • Room dividers & Bathroom divider

  • Sun and wind screens

  • Skylights

  • Interior insulating windows

  • Storm door windows

  • Fascia panels

  • Dome structures

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