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Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Board

High Performance | Low Cost | Long Life

High Fire Resistance: 30 minutes | 60 minutes | 120 minutes | 240 minutes

High Insulation: High Acoustic Insulation and High Thermal Insulation

Longer Guarantee Life: 20 - 30 years and weather proof. Get good quality fire protection calcium silicate board for fire walls, fireproof partitions, ceiling, tunnel, steel, low price at Wedge india.


  1. Fire Doors Manufacturing

  2. Fire Wall & Fire resistant partitions

  3. Fire resistant ceilings, roofs and floors

  4. Fire resistant metro station

  5. Electrical & mechanical services enclosures

  6. Light Weight 120 to 240 Minutes Fire Doors

  7. Fire resistant barriers and spandrels

  8. Fire protection to concrete structures

  9. Fire protection to tunnel concrete structures

  10. Industrial walls and external walls

  11. Partitions and hoardings

  12. Shaft walls for lift or building services

  13. Ventilation, smoke outlet and Kitchen extract ducts

  14. Structural steel protection

  15. Steel/timber stud partitions, solid/frameless partitions

  16. Conversion of external to internal walls, external walls

  17. Self-supporting ceilings, suspended ceilings

  18. Timber floor protection, upgrading of timber floors

  19. Cladding to steel ducts, self-supporting ducts

  20. Smoke barrier, parapet/spandrel wall

  21. Access panels and hatches, fire trap doors

  22. Tunnel lining, concrete/brick floor and wall upgrading

  23. Fire Resistant Acoustic Door

  24. Lift Doors & Fire Escape Area

  25. Aesthetic curved ceiling

  26. Moisture resistance ceiling Backing wall for wet area ceramic tiling

  27. Casings for building services

  28. Perforated finishes for acoustic space

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