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Wedge AlSi Blanket | Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Buy good quality Ceramic Fiber Blankets at low price made of high grade wool Alumina, Silica and Zirconia. Made in India and China. Wedge AlSi Blanket is Ceramic Fiber Blanket made from bulk fibers, produced by the most modern spinning needling and thermal forming processes.


Wedge high temperature ceramic fiber blankets are made from selected high quality spun ceramic fiber, double sides mechanically needling makes it high strength and surface integrity Wedge ceramic fiber blanket have a good character of superior insulating performance, light weight, flexibility, resilience and chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage. Our ceramic Fiber Blanket is an ideal thermal insulation, fire-proof and sound absorbing material.


The Ceramic Fiber Blanket is composed of long, flexible, interwoven fibers manufactured by the blown and the spun process yielding a strong, light weight, durable blanket for applications in a temperature range from 1050° C to 1350° C. The ceramic fiber blanket is completely inorganic and is needled to provide exceptional handling strength, used in a variety of heat processing applications.


Wedge Ceramic Fibers products are used in insulation engineering with good efficiency. They are produced with high technology equipments at very competitive prices with stable density and stable dimensions. Different Types of our ceramic fiber blanket: According to the different content ratio, there can be divided into five types, they are Standard, High Pure, High Aluminum, Zir-Alu, Zirconium


Features & Benefits

  • Good heat loss reduction

  • Energy cost reduction

  • Energy Saving

  • Hot maintenance cost reduction

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Excellent thermal stability and shock resistance

  • Resist devitrification at high temperature

  • Excellent tearing resistant

  • Excellent insulating performance

  • Fire prevention and sound absorption

  • Double-side needling operation produces tough

  • Resilient and strong blankets

  • Easy cutting and installation

  • Environment protection

  • High thermal shock resistance

  • Heat resistance, High fire resistance

  • Suitable for making Fire Doors & Fire walls

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Excellent chemical stability

  • Low shot content

  • Low heat storage

  • High tensile strength



  • Industrial furnace lining

  • Furnaces with high working temperatures.

  • Fire proof doors.

  • Lining of stove, heating equipments and high-temperature pipeline.

  • Lining of high-temperature reacting and heating equipments in chemical engineering.

  • Electric boiler, gas engine and heat insulation of nuclear power.

  • Heat insulation of kiln door and cover.

  • Fireproofing and heat insulation of high building.

  • Material for high-temperature filtrating.

  • All kinds of industrial kiln linings(hot surface and back lining)

  • Furnace body expansion joint, furnace door, top cap seals

  • High building fire proof and heat insulation

  • Thermal resistance component of auto industry with

  • High temperature filter media

  • Insulation for field stress relieving of well

  • High temperature pipe and casting mould insulation.

  • Repair, insulation and linings for furnaces, kilns, ovens, generators, reformers, boilers, etc.

  • Duct and turbine insulation

  • Forging furnaces linings

  • High-temperature seals and gasket

  • Furnace door seals

  • Glass furnace crown insulation

  • Heat processing equipments

  • Car bottom furnace lining insulation

  • Fire protective insulation or linings

  • Boiler and incinerator linings

  • Industrial furnaces

  • Nuclear power thermal insulation

Technical Specification of Ceramic Fibre Wool Blankets

Application Temperature: maximum withstanding Temperature 1200 Degree C.

Size: Width: 610 mm, Length: 7300 mm, Thickness: 25mm

Ceramic fibre wool shall have low thermal conductivity and superior insulation performance. The ceramic wool shall be made up from highly purified alumina, silica and Zirconia. The ceramic wool shall have low shrinkage characteristic. It shall remain unaffected by chemical reactions (except hydrofluoric & phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis).

Ceramic fibre wool shall be supplied in the form of blanket of size 610 mm (width) x 7300mm (length) x 25 mm thickness. This blanket shall be rolled and properly packed in the form of roll. Thus one blanket will be treated as one roll for the estimation of quantity.


The packing density of ceramic wool shall be 128 kg/cubic metre and thermal conductivity at mean temperature of 600 degree oC shall be 0.15 W/mk.

The detail technical description is given below.

1. Chemical Composition (%) as per IS:12107

a) Al2O3:- 42-46%

b) SiO2:- 54-58%

c) Fe2O3:- ≤ 0.1 %

2. Maximum Withstanding Temperature:- 1200 oC

3. Tensile strength (kgf/m2) as per (ENV 1094-7):- 6000Kgf/m2

4. Linear shrinkage (%) 24 hrs Maximum (ENV 1094-7):- 3.0 %

5. Thermal Conductivity at mean temperature of 600 degree o C shall be 0.15 W/mk.

6. Density: - 128 Kg/m3

7. Colour: - White

8. Features: - Excellent insulating performance, Excellent thermal stability, Resistance to

thermal shock, Good Sound Absorption.

9. It shall be completely inorganic and no fumes during initial heating or later heat-ups.

10. In case of wetting by steam, water or other liquids, it shall retain its thermal and physical

properties after drying.


Types of Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Insulation After Sales Services

Thermal calculation, material selection support:

With advanced calculation software, it can calculate the heat storage loss and heat loss of the kiln according to the temperature in the furnace, the working environment of the kiln, and the economic selection of materials.

Process design:

Professional lining design team.


On-site guidance:

Have a rich team of on-site construction experience to provide customers with excellent construction site guidance.


Installation Supervision

Possess professional construction supervision ability, can provide professional construction supervision service for furnace lining installation and construction.


Special application consultation of thermal insulation materials

We can provide technical support for customers and solve the difficulty of applying special thermal insulation materials.

Inspection & Testing Services

1. The material shall conform to the specifications and standards.

2. Twenty random sample shall be selected by the purchaser or his or his authorised representative for inspection prior to the shipment. Physical dimensions of ceramic fibre wool rolls shall be measured and verified against our tender specifications.

3. The packing density of the random samples of ceramic fibre wool blanket selected during

pre-dispatch inspection will be calculated and checked against our specification. The packing density will be calculated by measuring the weight of the roll on weigh balance and the volume estimated from measurement of length, breadth and thickness of the roll. The packing density will be calculated as volume/weight.

4. The material test certificates and manufacturer's test certificate in standard format will be provided.

5. The material will be dispatched only after the inspection and final acceptance by the purchaser.  Their decision will be final.

Heat Loss Calculator
Insulation, Raw Materials, Refractories, Building Materials

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator

Right Insulation Materials Selection to get most feasible commercial solution. Achieving right combination of Insualtion materials and thickness is most complex decision to achieve lowest heat loss with minimum insulation thickness at various applications and temperatures. Wedge India helps its client to select right combination of Insulation material for various applications based on R Value heat loss calculator software, u p k calculations to find right insulation thickness, achieve target cold face temperature, and minimise heat losses at very low price. We also make energy audits as per requests from our customers. R value calculator delivers best insulation thickness r30 r38 r19 r49 r21 r60 for home and buildings to save cost at high efficiency.

Get Thermal Calculation, Insulation Thickness, Heat Loss

Benefits of Heat Loss Calculator

  • Get right Thickness of Insulation.

  • Find right Insulation Materials Selection.

  • Get lowest cost combination of Insulation System.

  • Get better heat loss reduction decision.

  • Clear view of Energy Saving potential and Energy Audits.

  • Low cost and optimum Furnace Design.

  • Best Energy cost reduction possibilities.

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