Wedge AlSi Blanket | Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Wedge AlSi Blanket is Ceramic Fiber Blanket made from bulk fibers, produced by the most modern spinning needling and thermal forming processes. Ceramic Fiber Blanket consist of a group of thermally efficient high temperature insulating materials that combine the advantages of both low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock.


Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Heat resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Excellent chemical stability

• Low shot content

• Low heat storage

• High tensile strength



• Industrial furnace lining

• High temperature pipes heat preserve

• Heat resistant sealing gasket

• Glass tank furnace thermal insulation

• Power boiler and nuclear heat insulation

• Ceramics kilns thermal insulation

• High temperature filter materials

Wedge Ceramic Fibre Blanket Insulation S