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High Temperature High Strength Insulation Non Asbestos Cement Board equivalent to NAD 500 Sindanyo sheet spacer rod manufactured machined part. NAD 500 are non asbestos, non combustible High Temperature resistant Insulation Boards with High Electrical Insulation.


These boards are manufactured from high temperature resistant cement based products, reinforced with selected fibres. They have been specifically designed to provide excellent service under demanding thermal and electrical applications. This insulation board is a popular option when a high quality, strong and rigid material is required.

Property UOM Standard Value 
Thickness mm 10 - 40
Size mm 1200*1200 1200*2400 
Density kg/m3 1750
Service Temperature °C 800
Compressive Strength MPa 30 to 48
Application Can replace the product of NAD-500 of PYROTEK 


High Temperature Insulation Cement Board Equivalent NAD-500

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