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Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber Insulation board paper wool tape yarn | Wedge India

Get best quality Ceramic fiber insulation board paper tape fabric cloth rope wool yarn heating elements brake pads alumino silicate fire resistant at wedge india.


Ceramic fiber insulation is material made from selected high quality spun ceramic fiber, double sides mechanically needling makes it high strength and surface integrity Wedge ceramic fiber blanket have a good character of superior insulating performance, light weight, flexibility, resilience and chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage.


Our Ceramic Fiber is an ideal thermal insulation, fire-proof and sound absorbing material. The Ceramic Fiber Blanket is composed of long, flexible, interwoven fibers manufactured by the blown and the spun process yielding a strong, light weight, durable blanket for applications in a temperature range from 1050° C to 1350° C.


The ceramic fiber blanket is completely inorganic and is needled to provide exceptional handling strength, used in a variety of heat processing applications. Wedge Ceramic Fibers products are used in insulation engineering with good efficiency. They are produced with high technology equipments at very competitive prices with stable density and stable dimensions.


Types of our ceramic fiber blanket: According to the different content ratio, there can be divided into five types, they are  Standard, High Pure, High Aluminum, Zir-Alu, Zirconium

Types of Ceramic Fibre Insulation

  • Ceramic fiber insulation boards

  • Ceramic fiber blanket

  • Ceramic fiber wool

  • Ceramic fiber heating elements

  • Carbon fiber ceramic brake pads

  • Ceramic fiber blanket anchors

  • Ceramic fiber blanket 128kg m3

  • Ceramic fiber paper

  • Ceramic fiber equipment

  • Ceramic fiber files

  • Ceramic fiber yarn

  • Ceramic fiber insulation blanket roll

  • Ceramic fiber rigidizer

  • Fireproof ceramic fiber board

  • Refractory ceramic fiber

  • Ceramic fiber blanket 3000 degrees F

  • Ceramic fiber tape

  • Alumina oxide ceramic fiber

  • Alumina silica ceramic fiber

  • Calcium aluminum silicate ceramic fiber

  • Ceramic fiber millboards

Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Wedge AlSi Wool

Ceramic Wool & Bulk Fibre

Wedge AlSi Wool are Ceramic Fiber Bulks are made of high purity high purity composite raw materials, melted in the resistance furnaces and processed by blowing or spinning technology.

Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Excellent thermal stability

• Low thermal conductivity

• Low heat storage

• High temperature resistance


• Raw materials for Ceramic Fiber Blanket & Boards.

• As joint filling materials in insulation installation.

• Packing expansion joints

• Fire Resistant Doors Making as filler

• Kiln car filling

Wedge Ceramic Wool Bulk Fibre Insulation Specifications.png

Wedge AlSi Board | Ceramic Fibre Insulation Board

Buy good quality, high strength, rigid, excellent insulation performance ceramic fiber boards at Wedge. Wedge Ceramic Fibre Boards are manufactured in a wet forming process using ceramic fiber bulk and binders.


To ensure good quality unique shot removing and vacuum forming process is applied. We achieve low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. It is designed for insulation applications experiencing vibration, mechanical stress and erosive forces.


Ceramic fiber board can reduce energy costs and cycling times due to high insulating capability, as well as serving to protect refractory surfaces from thermal shock and chemical attack. Available in variety of compositions, densities, sizes and post treatments combinations.

Classification Temperature: 1050ºC, 1260 ºC,1360ºC,1400ºC, 1430 ºC

Features & Benefits

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Can be machined, cut and shaped easily

High rigidity and light weight

Low thermal conductivity

Low heat storage

High temperature stability

Non-wetting to molten aluminium

Close tolerance with excellent surface finish

Easy to cut, drill or saw

Reduce energy cost and save fuel

Fast heat and cool down reducing cycle times

Resistant to gas erosion

Resistant to most chemical attacks

Low sound transmission

Resist penetration by molten Aluminum and other non ferrous metal

Contains no asbestos



Furnace hot face lining in petrochemical furnace

Furnace hot face lining in ceramic kiln

Board over blanket hot face lining

Back-up insulation to brick & castable

Expansion joints

Kiln furniture

Hot gas duct linings

Launder insulation

General molten metal contact

Glass tank side and wall insulation

Combustion chamber insulation

High temperature gasket and seals

Refractory lining for industrial, furnace in wall, roofs, doors, stacks etc.

Combustion chamber liners, boilers and heaters

Back up insulations for brick and monolithic refractories

Transfer of molten aluminum and other non ferrous metal

Barrier against flame or heat

Hot face layer for high velocity or abrasive furnace atmosphere


Ceramic Fiber Paper 2, 3, 5, 10 mm

Ceramic Paper Insulation Sheet, Gaskets, & Expansion Joints

Wedge AlSi Paper are Ceramic Fiber Paper manufactured from high-grade ceramic fiber formed into flexible sheet. It offers high temperature resistance, very low thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability. Ceramic Fiber Paper can be widely used in the applications where purity, cracking resistance and heat resistance are highly required. It provides excellent heat resistance and thermal insulation in a rather limited space.


Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Heat resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Excellent chemical stability

• Non-wetting to molten aluminium

• Low heat storage

• Easy to cut and machine



• Industrial furnace lining

• High temperature pipes heat preserve

• High temperature insulation gasket

• Ingot mould liner

• Refractory Backup Insulation

• Molten metal splash and spark protection

• Heat shield and silencer insulation

• Hot top lining

• High temperature seals materials


Wedge AlSi Braided Rope & Textile 
Ceramic Rope | Braided Ceramic Rope | Ceramic Packings & Seals

Wedge AlSi Textile is Ceramic Fiber Yarn made manufactured from high quality spun fiber 1260℃ , and has been mechanically twisted to give it tensile strength. The yarn is available with E-glass, stainless steel wire or high temperature alloy wire reinforced yarn from 525 Tex up to 2500 Tex in single, two or three plies of single yarn twisted together in order to form a heavier yarn or higher strength.


Ceramic Fiber Round Braided Rope

Round packing is a dense, resilient, high performance ceramic fiber material fabricated from ceramic fiber yarn braided around a core of ceramic fiber rope to form a packing in round section. It is widely used for a broad variety of high temperature gasket, packing and sealing


Ceramic Fiber Square Braided Rope

Square packing is dense, resilient, high performance ceramic fiber material plaited from E-glass, stainless steel wire or high temperature alloy wire inserted ceramic fiber yarn to form a packing in square section.


Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope

Twisted Packing fabricated from ceramic fiber yarn twisted left hand/right hand together to form a rope of specified diameters ranging from 3 mm to 50 mm, with glass filament, stainless steel wire or high temperature alloy wire inserted to provide high strength at elevated temperature.


• Wrapping insulation and refractory

• Sealing for different kinds of furnaces and doors

• High temperature gasket

• Lamp wick for burning equipment

• Replacement for Asbestos

Aluminum Silicate Fiber Cloth 1260 Wedge.png

Wedge AlSi Cloth Fabric 
Ceramic Cloth | E glass Cloth | Fire Fabric | Fire Curtain | Gasket & Seals

Wedge AlSiCT is Alumina Silica Fiber cloth most cost-effective industrial cloth manufactured from alumina silica fiber yarn, reinforced by a core of glass filament or stainless steel wire for high strength retention at elevated temperatures, ideal for most high temperature applications up to 1200°C. The AlSi1200CT cloth is durable, high-temperature fiber fabrics that are well-suited for industrial applications requiring strong, yet flexible, high-temperature resistant materials.

Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Heat resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Excellent chemical stability

• Non-wetting to molten aluminium

• Low heat storage

• Easy to cut and machine



• Furnace Curtains

• High temperature insulation

• High temperature electronics insulation

• Combustion pipes protection

• Lining cloth for welding

• Fireproof rolling curtain

• Lining sleeves for industrial gas pipes

Wedge Ceramic Fibre Blankets 18.png
ceramic fiber tape
Wedge Ceramic Fiber Ropes.jpg

WSC600 | E Glass Cloth | Silica Cloth | Tape

Woven SC600 is pure E-Glass cloth made of high silica fabric with a 96% pure SiO2 silica fibre, a health-conscious alternative to asbestos and ceramic textiles. High Silica Fabric is widely used for applications that require high heat resistance, as well as abrasion and/or chemical resistance. It is also used for the safety of personnel and equipment, and as thermal barriers to reduce energy costs.

Features & Advantages
• Low thermal conductivity
• Comprised of high strength,
• High purity 96% amorphous silica fibres
• Designed to withstand continuous temperatures of 982°C
• High Dielectric Strength
• High corrosion resistance


• High temperature insulation and heat protection
• Resealing of Insulation Boards & Pads
• Ceramic industry: chamber and tunnel furnaces
• Glass industry: melting furnaces and cooling channels
• Cement industry: heat exchangers and cyclone separators
• Chemical and petrochemical industry: thermal cracking
reactors and processing plants
• Welding blanket and curtains
• Furnace curtains
• Power Generation
• Shipbuilding
• Construction
• Welding
• Metal Processing
• Thermo couple insulation wrap
• Flame resistant barriers
• Thermal barrier insulation

Available in thickness : 0.25 mm - 1.3 mm
Roll length : 10 m / 30 m / 50 m, or supplied in custom lengths
Commonly used width : 50 mm – 1200 mm
Types : With Self Adhesive and Without Self Adhesive (Self Adhesive is made of High Temperature Glue)

Heat Loss Calculator
Insulation, Raw Materials, Refractories, Building Materials

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator

Right Insulation Materials Selection to get most feasible commercial solution. Achieving right combination of Insualtion materials and thickness is most complex decision to achieve lowest heat loss with minimum insulation thickness at various applications and temperatures. Wedge India helps its client to select right combination of Insulation material for various applications based on R Value heat loss calculator software, u p k calculations to find right insulation thickness, achieve target cold face temperature, and minimise heat losses at very low price. We also make energy audits as per requests from our customers. R value calculator delivers best insulation thickness r30 r38 r19 r49 r21 r60 for home and buildings to save cost at high efficiency.

Get Thermal Calculation, Insulation Thickness, Heat Loss

Benefits of Heat Loss Calculator

  • Get right Thickness of Insulation.

  • Find right Insulation Materials Selection.

  • Get lowest cost combination of Insulation System.

  • Get better heat loss reduction decision.

  • Clear view of Energy Saving potential and Energy Audits.

  • Low cost and optimum Furnace Design.

  • Best Energy cost reduction possibilities.

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator.png
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