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Aluminium Foil Ceramic Fibre Fire Insulation Blanket Wrap 20 25 50 density 96 128 kg/m3 size 7600 610 mm low price. Ceramic blankets wrapped in aluminum foil are commonly used as thermal insulation and fire protection materials.


These blankets are made of high-temperature ceramic fibers, which have excellent thermal resistance properties. The aluminum foil wrap serves as a protective layer and can provide additional benefits such as reflecting radiant heat and preventing moisture absorption.


Features and Benefits:

Here's how the combination of ceramic blanket and aluminum foil wrap works:

Ceramic Blanket: Ceramic blankets are lightweight, flexible, and highly efficient thermal insulators. They are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for various industrial applications, including furnace lining, kiln insulation, and high-temperature equipment insulation. Ceramic blankets are made from ceramic fibers derived from alumina, silica, zirconia, or other refractory materials.

Aluminum Foil Wrap: Aluminum foil is a thin, reflective sheet of metal that has excellent heat reflectivity properties. When the ceramic blanket is wrapped in aluminum foil, the foil acts as a radiant barrier, reflecting a significant portion of the radiant heat back towards its source.


Benefits of using ceramic blankets wrapped in aluminum foil:

Enhanced Thermal Insulation: The ceramic blanket itself provides excellent thermal insulation, and the aluminum foil wrap helps to trap and reflect the heat back into the insulated area, improving overall thermal efficiency.

Moisture and Chemical Resistance: Aluminum foil is impermeable to moisture and certain chemicals, which helps protect the ceramic blanket from water absorption or chemical exposure that could compromise its insulating properties.

Easy Installation: The flexibility of ceramic blankets and the lightweight nature of aluminum foil make the combination easy to install in various applications.

Fire Resistance: Both ceramic fibers and aluminum foil have good fire-resistant properties, adding an extra layer of safety to applications involving high temperatures.

Cost-Effectiveness: Combining ceramic blankets with aluminum foil can provide an affordable and effective thermal insulation solution compared to other high-temperature insulation materials.


Applications of ceramic blankets wrapped in aluminum foil:

  • Industrial furnace and kiln insulation
  • High-temperature equipment insulation
  • Steam pipe insulation
  • Thermal insulation for ovens and heaters
  • Aerospace and automotive thermal protection
  • Boiler and power plant insulation


Keep in mind that while ceramic blankets and aluminum foil are excellent thermal insulators, they may not be suitable for every application. It's essential to consider factors like temperature requirements, chemical exposure, and specific installation needs when selecting insulation materials for a particular project.


ItemAlSi96 1260AlSi98 12601430 ASZ Blanket
Chemical Composition(%)   
Classification Temperature(℃)126012601430
Shot Content(%)≤15≤15≤12
Fiber Diameter(um)
Permanent Heating Linear Change % 1100℃X24h≤-2.51350℃X24h≤-2.5
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.k) 
Tensile Strength (Mpa)
Specifications(mm)Length X Width:14400/7200/3600X1220/610;Thickness: 6~60mm
PackingPlastic bag inside, carton box outside or with pallet or woven bags
Can be customized by specific requirement.
Quality CertificateISO9001-2008 ISO14001-2004

Ceramic Fibre Blanket Fire Insulation Aluminium Foil Wrap

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