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Buy good quality Biosoluble Fibre Blanket made of body soluble fiber that utilises a unique spinning technology to create a special fiber with superior thermal and mechanical properties.


This special fiber is made from a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium which give fiber the ability to support continuous temperatures up to 1260C.


Features & Benefits

  • Good heat loss reduction
  • Energy cost reduction
  • Excellent Energy Saving
  • Hot maintenance cost reduction
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent thermal stability and shock resistance
  • Resist devitrification at high temperature
  • Fire prevention and sound absorption
  • Double-side needling operation produces tough
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Low shot content
  • High tensile strength



  • Industrial furnace lining
  • Fire Wrap & infill materials in Fire Doors
  • Fire resistant wall & partitions making
  • High temperature pipes heat preserve
  • Heat resistant sealing gasket
  • Glass tank furnace thermal insulation
  • Power boiler and nuclear heat insulation
  • Ceramics kilns thermal insulation
  • High temperature filter materials
  • Furnaces with high working temperatures.
  • Lining of stove, heating equipments and high-temperature pipeline.
  • Electric boiler, gas engine and heat insulation of nuclear power.
  • Heat insulation of kiln door and cover.
  • Fireproofing and heat insulation of high building.
  • All kinds of industrial kiln linings (hot surface and back lining)
  • Furnace body expansion joint, furnace door, top cap seals
  • High building fire proof and heat insulation
  • Insulation for field stress relieving of well
  • High temperature pipe and casting mould insulation.
  • Repair, insu