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Largest manufacturer and importer of low price Flexible Microporous Insulation Overstitched Panels, Slated Panel, Blanket in India. Save energy and save space. Microporous insulation are lowest thermal conductivity products at high temperature. Most suitable for insualtion where much space is not available or to reduce insulation thcikness. Best product for Pipe Insulation. 


Comes with E-glass cloth coverings in the form of Rigid Board and Flexible Panels Slated, Quilted, Oversticthed types. 


Main Applications

  • Back-up insulation in industrial furnaces
  • Aluminium industry (launders, holding furnace)
  • Glass & ceramics industry
  • Petrochemical industry (cracking furnace, hydrogen reformer)
  • Annealing & galvanizing lines
  • Night storage heaters
  • Petrochemical industry & power generation
  • Piping insulation
  • Back-up insulation in refractory lined pipes
  • Rotary kiln insulation
  • Hot pipe support insulation
  • Exhaust systems
  • Filler material for mattresses, cassettes, heat shields, expansion joints
  • PFP (Passive Fire Protection)


Microporous insulation is a form of high-performance thermal insulation that operates especially at very high temperatures, which increases its demand in various end-use sectors. Get low price flexible microporous insulation overstitched, slated panel, blanket made in India with microtherm 1000r raw materials supplied from belgium, uk, and japan. These insulations are predominantly made from alumina silica or calcium magnesium silicate held together with reinforcing glass materials and other opacifiers that minimizes infrared radiations. Mostly, these insulations are available in flexible panels, rigid boards & panels, and other product types which find application in oil & gas industry, metal works sector, energy & power sector, transportation sector and other end-use sector.


Raw Materials

Fumed Silica

Alumina silica

Calcium magnesium silicate


Product Manufacturing Types

  1. Microporous Rigid Board
  2. Semi Rigid Eglass Cloth Covered Panels
  3. Aluminium Foil Covered
  4. Overstiched Flexible Panels
  5. Slated Flexible Panels
  6. FBK, Feeder Bowl Kits Insulation for Spout in Glass Melting
  7. Microporous Pipe Insulation Section
  8. Microporous Powder
  9. Hydrophobic Microporous Insulation Panels
  10. Microporous MicroSilica Slim Board


Microporous insulation is high-temperature insulation, which provides extremely low thermal conductivity over a temperature ranging from 0.021 w/m.k (watt/meter/Kelvin temperature) to 0.034 w/m.k at a mean temperature of 800°C.


Thermal Conductivity(W/m.K) at 800 °C

Fiber Blanket


Calcium Silicate


Aerogel Blanket


Still Air


Microporous Insulation



As compared to conventional insulation materials, such as glass-filled foams, fibers, and metals, microporous insulating materials have a thermal efficiency that is four to five times greater. The superior thermal resistance of microporous insulation shows enormous potential in oil & gas applications, where insulation is of prime importance. Besides excellent thermal performance, microporous insulating materials have significant resistance to flame and extreme weather conditions.


Product Outlook

Flexible panels accounted for a global share of 32.9% in 2020. Flexible panels are designed to insulate complex structure which would otherwise be impossible to insulate with traditional material and rigid boards & panels. These are highly suitable as industrial ladle liners, which are expected to propel the demand over the coming years. The flexible panels segment is anticipated to grow at the fastest rate from 2020 to 2028 in the Middle East & Africa due to the wide presence of the oil & gas industry.


High suitability of the product for insulation of the oil & gas pipeline network on account of its flexibility and less thickness is expected to fuel the demand.


The rigid boards & panels segment accounted for the major market share of 47.5% in 2020 on account of its significantly high demand from commercial and industrial applications. Rigid boards & panels are expected to grow at the fastest rate in the Asia Pacific owing to the presence of emerging economies, including India and China.


Characterisitics such as rigidity, superior strength, high compression resistance, and excellent thermal performance are the chief drivers for its growth. The rapid industrialization in the region and vivid applications of rigid boards and panels in end-use industries is expected to drive the growth over the forecast period.

Flexible Microporous Insulation Overstitched, Slated Blanket

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