Microporous Flexible Pipe Insulation

Pipe Sections | Overstitched | Quilted | Slated

Microporous insulation flexible shapes and pipe sections are manufactured by mixing high quality agglomerates of pyrogenic silica and selective grade opacifiers along with filaments and pressed at a very specific pressure range to achieve a very narrow range of optimum highest possible porosity and unique range of densities to deliver a product with lowest possible heat loss through conduction, convection, radiations, and gaseous conduction. The thermal conductivity of Microporous insulation is lower than the still air at high temperatures.


  • Very high insulation, extremely low thermal conductivity.

  • Very thin insulation to save space.

  • Available in pipe sections, quilted, slated, overstitched, blanket forms to cover various types of pipe diameter for both internal and external insulation. 

  • Reduce insulation thickness by 4 times.

  • Reduce heat loss and shell temperatures.

  • Reduce energy cost and increase productivity.

  • Non combustible A1 classification.

  • Environmentally friendly, free of organic binders



  • Pipe insulation external & internal.

  • Turbine Insulation.

  • Solar thermal power plant

  • Oil & Gas plants

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Fuel cells & Thermal Batteries insulation

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