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Wedge MP 1200 Boards are Microporous Insulation Boards can resist upto temperature 1200 C. It is a type of high quality Nanoporous Microsilica Board can be supplied in coverings of Aluminium Foil, Plastic, and Mica. 


Thickness: 5 mm | 10 mm | 15 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm | 30 mm | 40 mm | 50 mm

Sizes: All sizes available.  


Advantages and Properties

• lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating materials

• high thermal resistance

• free of organic binders

• dust-free surface

• good machinability

• increased breaking strength

• A1, non-combustible


Areas of Application

• Rear lining for industrial furnaces and plant construction such as ceramic kilns, glass furnaces and feeders and chemical plants

• Thermal insulation of steel casting ladles and casting facilities

• Thermal insulation of household appliances like boilers, hearths and night storage heaters

• Construction elements and thermal insulation for fuel cell technology.


Microporous insulation is high-temperature insulation, which provides extremely low thermal conductivity over a temperature ranging from 0.021 w/m.k (watt/meter/Kelvin temperature) to 0.034 w/m.k at a mean temperature of 800°C.


Thermal Conductivity(W/m.K) at 800 °C

Fiber Blanket


Calcium Silicate


Aerogel Blanket


Still Air


Microporous Insulation


As compared to conventional insulation materials, such as glass-filled foams, fibers, and metals, microporous insulating materials have a thermal efficiency that is four to five times greater. The superior thermal resistance of microporous insulation shows enormous potential in oil & gas applications, where insulation is of prime importance. Besides excellent thermal performance, microporous insulating materials have significant resistance to flame and extreme weather conditions.

WEDGE MP 1200 Boards

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