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Get instant heat loss calculations for any type of construction building, home, Industrial, equipment, furnace, ovens, kilns, boilers, heaters, water pipeline, gas pipeline, heating tank, cold boxes, cold storage, etc.​


Benefits of Heat Loss Calculator

  • Optimum Thickness of Insulation

  • Insulation Materials Selection

  • Most economic combination of Insulation System

  • Energy saving calculations

  • Energy Audits Support

  • Optimum Furnace Design

  • Energy Cost Reduction

Send the Application Details in the Format we will send Thermal Calculations within 2 Days from the Payment Date.


What is Heat Loss?

Heat loss is the decrease of heat existing in space, resulting from heat transfer through walls, roof, windows and buildings surfaces. We calculate heat loss by multiplying the values of the area, the difference in temperatures of inside and outside surfaces and the value of heat loss of the material.

The total heat loss of the object also involves losses occurring by radiation, convection, and conduction. There is no material, which completely prevents heat loss, we can only minimize the heat loss. Watts is the unit of heat loss.


We can make calculations for any type of Insualation Materials and Application.

Heat Loss Calculations

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