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Buy good quality 1430 Grade Ceramic Fibre Module SS304 Anchor made of high quality ceramic fibre wool blanket, which is made up to compression module after folding, compression, packing.  Module can choose kinds combination of anchor and furnace body, installation method is so simple that quicken the speed of furnace lining construction largely.



Ceramic Fibre Module SS304 Anchor



Quality Code


Density, Kg/M3


Grade, Degree C


Length mm


Width mm


Thick. mm






MOQ, Price, INR



After installation, the bandaging are cut and the modules and so to form an integrated insulating lining. The anchor system in remote from module hot face, maintaining the metal components at a relatively low temperature


Benefits and Features

  • The anchorage on the back allows for both in-line and parquet installation.
  • The decompression of the blanket folds gives tightly sealed intermodular joints with both configurations
  • The resilient blanket is resistant to mechanical damage
  • Low thermal conductivity give high thermal efficiency
  • Total resistance to thermal shock
  • No drying or curing required - so available for production operation immediately after installation
  • The anchor is remote form the module hot face


Typical Applications

  • Heat treatment: annealing furnace, tempering furnace, soaking pit, etc
  • Ceramic: white ware, sanitary ware and brick firing tunnel and intermitted kiln.
  • Iron and Steel: Transfer ladle lids, soaking pit covers, reheating furnace, continuous annealing furnaces, lift-off furnaces
  • Petrochemical: ethylene pyrolysis furnace, reformers, atmosphere reduced pressure furnace, ductwork pyrolysis heaters
  • Aluminium: Soaking pits and covers, bale out furnaces, homogenizing and ductwork
  • Utilities: waste heat recovery units, combustion chambers and boiler ductwork


Terms & Conditions:

Unit Price: INR, Ex-Warehouse Mumbai, the GST be extra at actual rate.

Payment Term: 

  • For regular customers with approved credit terms for credit limits and days.
  • For new customers 50% Advance and balance against delivery or LC at sight.

Delivery Term:

Ex-Warehouse, Mumbai / Delhi / Gurgaon and if a buyer fails to take delivery on agreed Date or Delays the Payment, then there will be additional charges of INR 2000 / Pallet / Week.

Delivery Time:

Within 3 to 4 Weeks from the Date of PO and Advance Payment or LC open Date.

Minimum Order Quantity & Value:

The indicated Prices are for the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

Prices for Order quantity lower than MOQ will be provided separately after approval.

1430 Ceramic Fibre Module SS304 Anchor

SKU: W16AlSi14M
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