WETON | Insulation Refractory Bricks

High Strength | High Insulation | Low Cost

WETON are lightweight refractory insulation bricks most suitable for high temperature insulation up to 1600 Degree C. These bricks are produced from high purity raw materials to achieve lowest possible thermal conductivity without compromising on mechanical strength.

Feature & Advantages

• Low thermal conductivity at high temperatures

• Low bulk density, thus low heat storage

• Good high temperature resistance

• Reduced thermal shrinkage

• High thermal shock resistance

• High mechanical resistance



• Insulating layer in torpedo ladles

• Ceramic industry plants like chamber,

• Bogie hearth and tunnel kilns

• Anode baking furnaces

• Cracker and process plants

• Combustion chamber lining

• Insulation in reheating furnaces

• Walking beam furnaces

• Rapid roller kilns for cement

• Glass furnaces & Tunnel furnaces

WETON Insulation Bricks.png