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Intumescent Fire Smoke Door Seal, Strip, Hing Pad

High Performance | Low Maintenance Cost | 30 Years Long Life

INTUR: Rigid Intumescent Fire Seal Strips

Rigid types of Intumescent fire seals are most suitable for sever application where regular door maintenance is not possible. The PVC covering to the graphite intumescent seal protects from wearing out due to any mechanical damage to the seals.


At wedge we produce and supply different versions including fire only, fire & smoke, fire & acoustic, and fire & weather proof seals of Rigid Fire Seals depending on the end user requirements.


In the event of a fire the INTUR intumescent graphite seal expands multiple times its original volume and seals the gap around the door edges and joints to provide fire barrier and stop the passage of fire, smoke and hot gases. Surface Mounted Acoustic & Smoke Door Bottom Seals or Rebate Fit Acoustic & Smoke Door Bottom Seals are most suitable for the door bottom sealing. All fire and smoke seals are supplied with a self-adhesive backing tape as standard to facilitate quick and easy fitting. All the seals are Tested for 30 minutes, 60 Minutes, and 120 Minutes to BS 476 part 22 & 31.1. Smoke seals tested to EN1634-3 to 100,000 open/close cycles.


  • Fire Protection Only

  • Fire & Smoke Protection with Brush

  • Fire & Smoke Protection with Neoprene single / twin blade

  • Fire, Smoke, Acoustics, and Weather Protection


INTUF: Flexible Intumescent Fire Seal Strips & Sheet

INTUF is a rubber free zero halogen intumescent fire seal that in case of fire expands 20 to 60 times without generating any harmful or toxic gases. These are high performance and high expansion Intumescent fire seals without any PVC coverings.


These strips are most suitable for applications in wooden fire doors, manufacturing PVC covered rigid intumescent strips, glazing seals, manufacturing intumescent hinge pad seals, door hardware and ironmongery protection, damper seals, gap sealing or a variety of gasketing applications.

INTUF is highly flexible allowing it to be wrapped or folded to suit various applications but produces an excellent char structure helping to maintain integrity throughout the fire.


Features and Benefits

• Zero halogen intumescent fire seals

• Rubber free and do not generate any toxic smoke

• Generates high expansion when exposed to fire or heat

• Produces an excellent char structure to provide high integrity

• Available in strips 2.1 meter and 1.05 meter lengths

• For bulk use available Sheets 2100 x 1000 mm size

• Self adhesive type

• Fire rating from 30 to 120 minutes

• Thickness from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm

• 30 years guarantee life

Buy good quality intumescent fire smoke seal strip, hinge pad, lock seal, sheet for door, window at low price manufacturer Wedge India.

Wedge Intumescent Fire Seals