Wedge AlSi Cloth Fabric 
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Wedge AlSiCT is Alumina Silica Fiber cloth most cost-effective industrial cloth manufactured from alumina silica fiber yarn, reinforced by a core of glass filament or stainless steel wire for high strength retention at elevated temperatures, ideal for most high temperature applications up to 1200°C. The AlSi1200CT cloth is durable, high-temperature fiber fabrics that are well-suited for industrial applications requiring strong, yet flexible, high-temperature resistant materials.

Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Heat resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Excellent chemical stability

• Non-wetting to molten aluminium

• Low heat storage

• Easy to cut and machine



• Furnace Curtains

• High temperature insulation

• High temperature electronics insulation

• Combustion pipes protection

• Lining cloth for welding

• Fireproof rolling curtain

• Lining sleeves for industrial gas pipes

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WSC600 | E Glass Cloth | Silica Cloth | Tape

Woven SC600 is pure E-Glass cloth made of high silica fabric with a 96% pure SiO2 silica fibre, a health-conscious alternative to asbestos and ceramic textiles. High Silica Fabric is widely used for applications that require high heat resistance, as well as abrasion and/or chemical resistance. It is also used for the safety of personnel and equipment, and as thermal barriers to reduce energy costs.

Features & Advantages
• Low thermal conductivity
• Comprised of high strength,
• High purity 96% amorphous silica fibres
• Designed to withstand continuous temperatures of 982°C
• High Dielectric Strength
• High corrosion resistance


• High temperature insulation and heat protection
• Resealing of Insulation Boards & Pads
• Ceramic industry: chamber and tunnel furnaces
• Glass industry: melting furnaces and cooling channels
• Cement industry: heat exchangers and cyclone separators
• Chemical and petrochemical industry: thermal cracking
reactors and processing plants
• Welding blanket and curtains
• Furnace curtains
• Power Generation
• Shipbuilding
• Construction
• Welding
• Metal Processing
• Thermo couple insulation wrap
• Flame resistant barriers
• Thermal barrier insulation

Available in thickness : 0.25 mm - 1.3 mm
Roll length : 10 m / 30 m / 50 m, or supplied in custom lengths
Commonly used width : 50 mm – 1200 mm
Types : With Self Adhesive and Without Self Adhesive (Self Adhesive is made of High Temperature Glue)

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