Wedge AlSi Cloth & Fabric 

Ceramic Cloth | E glass Cloth | Fire Fabric | Fire Curtain | Gasket & Seals

Wedge AlSi Cloth is Ceramic Ceramic Fiber Cloth a cost-effective industrial cloth manufactured from ceramic fiber yarn, reinforced by a core of glass filament or stainless steel wire for high strength retention at elevated temperatures, ideal for most high temperature applications up to 1000ÆC. Ceramic Fiber Cloth contains approximately 18% organic fiber which burns out at high temperatures, causing some smoking, but the cloth retains enough strength to be used as effective insulating cloth at high temperatures. General specifications of ceramic fiber cloth: 1.5mm--6mm, general width is 1m, which is divided into (nickel chrome wire reinforced, stainless steel wire reinforced, glass fiber reinforced, ceramic fiber coated cloth, ceramic fiber slag cloth, ceramic Fiber sintered cloth, ceramic fiber fumigation cloth).

Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Heat resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Excellent chemical stability

• Non-wetting to molten aluminium

• Low heat storage

• Easy to cut and machine



• Furnace Curtains

• High temperature insulation

• High temperature electronics insulation

• Combustion pipes protection

• Lining cloth for welding

• Fireproof rolling curtain

• Lining sleeves for industrial gas pipes

Wedge Ceramic Fibre Fabric Cloth Insulat

WSC600 | E Glass Cloth | Silica Cloth | Tape

Woven SC600 is pure E-Glass cloth made of high silica fabric with a 96% pure SiO2 silica fibre, a health-conscious alternative to asbestos and ceramic textiles. High Silica Fabric is widely used for applications that require high heat resistance, as well as abrasion and/or chemical resistance. It is also used for the safety of personnel and equipment, and as thermal barriers to reduce energy costs.

Features & Advantages
• Low thermal conductivity
• Comprised of high strength,
• High purity 96% amorphous silica fibres
• Designed to withstand continuous temperatures of 982°C
• High Dielectric Strength
• High corrosion resistance


• High temperature insulation and heat protection
• Resealing of Insulation Boards & Pads
• Ceramic industry: chamber and tunnel furnaces
• Glass industry: melting furnaces and cooling channels
• Cement industry: heat exchangers and cyclone separators
• Chemical and petrochemical industry: thermal cracking
reactors and processing plants
• Welding blanket and curtains
• Furnace curtains
• Power Generation
• Shipbuilding
• Construction
• Welding
• Metal Processing
• Thermo couple insulation wrap
• Flame resistant barriers
• Thermal barrier insulation

Available in thickness : 0.25 mm - 1.3 mm
Roll length : 10 m / 30 m / 50 m, or supplied in custom lengths
Commonly used width : 50 mm – 1200 mm
Types : With Self Adhesive and Without Self Adhesive (Self Adhesive is made of High Temperature Glue)

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