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HVI-Cold Box | Vacuum Insulated Box

Low Cost | Lowest Thickness | Highest Insulation

Buy low cost Vacuum Insulated Boxes for Cold Chain Storage & Transportation of Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Ice-cream, Blood, and Vaccine at Wedge India. 

Material Structure: Surface Material + VIP + PU, Polypropylene hollow sheet / Honeycomb Sheet + PUV + Aluminium coating woven roving, PET +PUV+PET

Insulation performance: more than 5 Days

Cost Benefit: Reduced PCM / Coolant Requirements under the same insulation requirements

Good strength: pass the test of falling, vibration, collision resistance
Energy saving and environment protection: Recyclable & Environmental protectionOperating Environment: -30°C to 80°C,
Optional Component: Surface Material, PCM coolant, Temperature display system.



  • Cold chain transportation

  • Cold Chain Storage

  • Vaccine Transport

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Storage & Transport

  • Ice Cream Transport

  • Cold Storage

  • Reefers

  • Cold Air Transport

  • Frozen Fish Storage & Transport

  • Fresh Meat Storage & Transport

  • Frozen Fruit Concentrates Storage & Transport

Air Box: Made of HVI VIP Core & PUR as insulation layer. Consist of the foamed insulated panel. High strength material, protective material, shock-proof, impact resistance. Customized Size, suitable for a small number requirement of box with multi sizes. Repairable and recyclable.

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