Ceramic Fiber Paper 5 10 mm | Wedge India

Ceramic Paper Insulation Sheet, Gaskets, & Expansion Joints

Wedge AlSi Paper are Ceramic Fiber Paper manufactured from high-grade ceramic fiber formed into flexible sheet. It offers high temperature resistance, very low thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability. Ceramic Fiber Paper can be widely used in the applications where purity, cracking resistance and heat resistance are highly required. It provides excellent heat resistance and thermal insulation in a rather limited space.


Features & Benefits

• High thermal shock resistance

• Heat resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Excellent chemical stability

• Non-wetting to molten aluminium

• Low heat storage

• Easy to cut and machine



• Industrial furnace lining

• High temperature pipes heat preserve

• High temperature insulation gasket

• Ingot mould liner

• Refractory Backup Insulation

• Molten metal splash and spark protection

• Heat shield and silencer insulation

• Hot top lining

• High temperature seals materials

Ceramic Fiber Paper