WRRB | Rigid Rockwool Insulation Boards

High Strength | High Temperature Resistant | Low Cost

Wedge RRB are Rigid Rockwool boards made of pure stone wool bonded with high quality thermosetting resin binders. These Rockwool boards are multifunction boards non-asbestos, non-combustible type having extremely high melting temperature. It do not produce toxic smoke in the event of a fire and are an excellent barrier against the spread of flames to help protect occupants and reduce property damage. We offer wide range of densities from 48 – 160 Kg/M3.


Features & Advantages

• Very high acoustic / sound insulation performance.

• High Thermal Integrity.

• It will not slump, shrink, expand

• Excellent moisture control.

• Water proof / water repellent option available

• Non-combustible & High fire resistance

• Cost-efficient insulating effect

• Stable and jolt-proof

• High permanent temperature resistance

• Low thermal conductivity

• Low organic binder content

• Rot-resistant and non-ageing

• Chemically neutral

• Water-repellent

• Easy to machine



• Production of Sandwich Panels

• Fire Doors Manufacturing

• Fireproof of power plant, oil deport.

• Exterior or interior thermal & acoustical insulation.

• External wall, roofing, partition, curtain wall, etc

• Fire Resistant Doors, Lifts, Safes, Cupboards.

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