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Best furnace insulation materials duct pipe wrap ductwork exhaust asbestos blanket board high temperature resistant at low price wedge india. Wedge India offers insulation solutions that make furnaces more energy-efficient, compact, safe and sustainable.


High temperature insulation can reduce the amount of heat dissipation, making the industrial furnace more efficient.  The extremely low thermal conductivity of our materials allows us to design high-temperature insulation solutions that are significantly thinner and lighter than conventional insulation materials. These solutions will allow you to minimise cost, maximise furnace capacity and working life, without compromising on design. Moreover, they contribute to safer working conditions for furnace operators by reducing cold face temperatures.


Furnace Insulation Applications

Furnace insulation products and engineered thermal components that offer installation speed and lining performance for new furnace linings. Typical applications of our solutions include furnaces used in many different industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, ferrous and non-ferrous, glass, cement and ceramics. Our solutions are also used to reduce CO2 emissions and create safe and environmentally friendly workspaces in boilers, incenerators, fire testing furnaces, bakery furnaces, lab and medical furnaces and other processing equipment. 


Main Furnace Insulation Materials at Wedge India

  • High Performance Aerogel Insulation Boards, Panels, Blanket, Silica Gel Powder

  • Calcium Silicate Board, Calcium Silicate Building Boards, Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate, High Density Calcium Silicate Boards

  • Centrifugal Casting Millboards, Ceramic Millboards Discs

  • Ceramic Braided Rope Textile, Ceramic Cloth & Fabric, Ceramic Fibre Blanket, Ceramic Fibre Boards, Ceramic Fibre Insulation, Ceramic Paper, Ceramic Wool Bulk Fibre

  • Fire Resistant Rockwool Boards, Fire Sleeve, Glass Wool / Fibreglass, Heat Loss Calculator

  • Insulation Bricks WETON, Intumescent Fire Door Seal

  • MgO Boards for High Temperature Insulation, Fire Door Manufacturing, Partitions, Wall, Roof

  • WEDGE RIMB Steel Plant and Aluminium Ladle insulation Boards

  • High Performance Low Cost Microporous Insulation, Microporous Pipe Insulation

  • Millboard, Non Asbestos Millboards Gaskets, Strips, Discs for Stainless Steel Plant Roller

  • Low Density High Strength Perlite Insulation for Cryogenic and High Temperature insulation

  • Rigid Foam Spray PUF / PIR Insulation for Wall, Roof,SIP, Cold Storage

  • Rigid Insulation Board for Steel Plant Ladles and Tundish Insulation

  • Rockwool Insulation, Rockwool Insulation Boards HD for Fire Door Insulation

  • Vermiculite Board for Ladle Insulation, Fire Door, Steel Structure Fire Protection

Furnace Insulation

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