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Fire curtains are specialized fire protection systems designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building. They are typically installed in openings such as doorways, windows, or other areas where compartmentalization of fire is necessary. Fire curtains are activated automatically in response to a fire alarm or manually by a building occupant or firefighter. Here are some key points about fire curtains:

Construction: Fire curtains are made from fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass, ceramic fiber, or metal. These materials are capable of withstanding high temperatures and preventing the passage of flames and smoke.

Operation: Fire curtains are usually stored in a compact housing or cassette above the opening where they are installed. When activated, the curtains are deployed downwards, effectively sealing off the opening and creating a barrier to the spread of fire and smoke.

Activation: Fire curtains are activated automatically in response to signals from a fire alarm system. They can also be triggered manually by a building occupant or firefighter using a control panel or manual release device.

Functionality: Fire curtains are designed to compartmentalize fire and smoke, limiting their spread to other areas of the building. By containing the fire within a specific area, fire curtains help to protect occupants and property and facilitate safe evacuation.

Types: There are different types of fire curtains available, including vertical fire curtains for doorways and horizontal fire curtains for openings such as atriums or corridors. Some fire curtains are also designed to provide radiation protection in addition to fire and smoke containment.

Testing and Certification: Fire curtains must meet specific standards and regulations to ensure their effectiveness and reliability in a fire event. They are typically tested and certified by regulatory bodies or independent testing laboratories to verify their compliance with applicable standards.

Maintenance: Regular inspection, testing, and maintenance are essential to ensure that fire curtains remain in proper working condition. Building owners or facility managers should follow manufacturer guidelines and local regulations for the inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems, including fire curtains.


Overall, fire curtains are important components of fire protection systems in buildings, helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and providing critical time for safe evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Fire Curtain

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