Wedge AlSi Board | Ceramic Fibre Insulation Board

Buy good quality, high strength, rigid, excellent insulation performance ceramic fiber boards at Wedge. Wedge Ceramic Fibre Boards are manufactured in a wet forming process using ceramic fiber bulk and binders.


To ensure good quality unique shot removing and vacuum forming process is applied. We achieve low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, and excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. It is designed for insulation applications experiencing vibration, mechanical stress and erosive forces.


Ceramic fiber board can reduce energy costs and cycling times due to high insulating capability, as well as serving to protect refractory surfaces from thermal shock and chemical attack. Available in variety of compositions, densities, sizes and post treatments combinations.

Classification Temperature: 1050ºC, 1260 ºC,1360ºC,1400ºC, 1430 ºC

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance

  • Can be machined, cut and shaped easily

  • High rigidity and light weight

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Low heat storage

  • High temperature stability

  • Non-wetting to molten aluminium

  • Close tolerance with excellent surface finish

  • Easy to cut, drill or saw

  • Reduce energy cost and save fuel

  • Fast heat and cool down reducing cycle times

  • Resistant to gas erosion

  • Resistant to most chemical attacks

  • Low sound transmission

  • Resist penetration by molten Aluminum and other non ferrous metal

  • Contains no asbestos



  • Furnace hot face lining in petrochemical furnace

  • Furnace hot face lining in ceramic kiln

  • Board over blanket hot face lining

  • Back-up insulation to brick & castable

  • Expansion joints

  • Kiln furniture

  • Hot gas duct linings

  • Launder insulation

  • General molten metal contact

  • Glass tank side and wall insulation

  • Combustion chamber insulation

  • High temperature gasket and seals

  • Refractory lining for industrial, furnace in wall, roofs, doors, stacks etc.

  • Combustion chamber liners, boilers and heaters

  • Back up insulations for brick and monolithic refractories

  • Transfer of molten aluminum and other non ferrous metal

  • Barrier against flame or heat

  • Hot face layer for high velocity or abrasive furnace atmosphere


Technical Specifications of Ceramic Fibre Insulation Board

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