Prefabricated Steel House Construction

High Strength | Fireproof | Earthquake Proof | Long Life | Low Cost

Get good quality Prefabricated Building, House, Office, Shelters, Toilet, Rooftop, Farm House, Studio, at Wedge India at low price. At wedge India we offer building materials for making prefabricated structure with variety of technologies. Manufacturing and supplying low cost prefabricated construction systems and modular building components timber frame, steel structure, aluminium profiles, cladding, partition, roofing, flooring, cement boards, sandwitch panels, insulation panels, precast concrete, staircases, walls, etc.

Prefab Building Technology Selection:

  • HRSF : Hot rolled steel frame with speed floor.

  • HRAAC : Hot rolled steel section with AAC Panels as floor slab.

  • AAC : Wall and roof panel system and wall panels.

  • HOLLOW-CORE : Precast Light Weight Hollow-core wall Panel.

  • REPS : Reinforced Expanded Polystyrene sheet core with sprayed concrete.

  • EPS-CSP : Cement sandwich Panel: wall & slab with EPS Cement sandwich Panel.

  • PIR-SP : Pre-fab PIR (Polyisocyanurate) based Dry Wall Panel System.

  • RWSP : Rockwool Sandwich panels as wall & slab.

  • GWSP : Glasswool Sandwich Panel.

  • PLCP : Precast Large Concrete Panel System.

  • PCSS : Pre-cast Concrete Structural system AAC blocks infill concrete walls.

  • LGSF : Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure with infill Concrete Panel.

  • AAC / PUF : Dry wall system as AAC panels, PUF panels etc.

  • AHSP : Aluminum Honycomb Sandwich Panel. 

  • GFRG : Prefab Glass fiber reinforced Gypsum cage panels.

  • ICF : Insulated Concrete Form.

  • FCB-RWSP : Fibre cement boards with RcokWool Sandwich panel.

  • FCB-PSP : Fibre cement boards with Perlite Sandwich panel.

  • CALSIL-RWSP : Calcium Silicate Boards with RcokWool Sandwich panel.

  • MGO-RWSP : MgO (Magnesium Oxide) boards with RcokWool Sandwich panel.

  • PERLITE-SP : Perlite Sandwich panel.

  • GALVAL-RWSP : Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and RackWool Sandwich Panel

  • GRP-SP : Glass Reinforced Plastic Sandwich Panel.

  • GALVAL-PIRSP : Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and PIR Sandwich Panel

  • GALVAL-PURSP : Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and PUR/PUF Sandwich Panel

  • CB-EPS-SP : Cement Board and EPS Sandwich Panel

  • AL-PIRSP : Aluminium sheet and PIR Sandwich Panel

  • AL-PUFSP : Aluminium sheet and PIR Sandwich Panel

  • AL-RWSP : Aluminium sheet and RockWool Sandwich Panel

Benefits Prefab Houses / Building 

  • Improved structural & functional performance

  • Safer and disaster-resilient house

  • Better quality of construction

  • Low maintenance, minimum life cycle cost

  • Speedy construction resulting in early occupancy

  • Cost effective and environment friendly

  • Better fire resistance & thermal efficiency

  • Less air pollution and waste generation

Types of Prefab Buildings

Porta cabin
Prefab Site office
Workers Shelter

Labour Accommodation

Telecom Centre

Solar Inverter room
Clean Room
Ripening chamber
Railway Shelter
Prefabricated Pulpit
Acoustic Enclosure
Security cabin
Prefabricated toilet
Poultry shed


Cold Storage
Industrial Shed
Factory Building
Industrial Enclosures

Covid Hospital

Remote Clinics

Health Centres

Skill Development Training Centres

Prefabricated Schools

Army. Shelters

Refugee Shelters

Roof Top Houses


Prefab Resort


Farm House

Steel House

Luxury Steel Farmhouse

Modern Light Steel Villa

Prefab Homes
Sample Flat
Prefab School
Prefab Steel Villa

Container House

Prefabricated Studio

Car Parking Centre

Price for Prefabricated Steel House

Pricing for 1100 SQF 2BHK prefab house | Type: Single storey house

  1. Economic type : 14,00,000 INR

  2. Standard type  : 18,00,000 INR

  3. Luxury type      : 22,00,000 INR

  4. Modern type    : 23,00,000 INR


Inclusions: 1 living room + kitchen + 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom + veranda

Walls, roof, windows, doors, floor tiles, kitchen and bathroom furniture, paints, electric and plumbing and all finishing are included. You only need to prepare a concrete basement for the house. If you request, we can also supply you steel floor structure  and you can build the house on pillars.

Useful Information for Steel Prefabricated House Construction

  1. Erection of the prefab house are easy and fast.

  2. One 1100 Square Ft house can be built in 2 - 3 weeks.

  3. No need Crane for erection

  4. Wedge house packages include all materials.

  5. You only need to prepare concrete foundation for the house.

  6. We can produce and make the shipment of the house within 3 or 5 weeks.

  7. You can send us your plan or we can design the plan.

  8. We can dispatch the house by vessel or a truck to any city or country in the World.

  9. We can customize technical specifications.

  10. The materials have CE certificates and meet standards.