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Buy low price Soil Perlite at 56 INR/Kg. In gardening and horticulture, perlite is commonly used as a soil amendment to improve the physical properties of the soil. Perlite is added to soil mixes to enhance aeration, drainage, and moisture retention. Here are some key reasons why perlite is used in soil:

  • Aeration: Perlite is lightweight and has a porous structure. When added to soil, it helps create air pockets, improving the soil's aeration. This is crucial for plant roots, as they require oxygen for respiration.

  • Drainage: Perlite has excellent drainage properties. It prevents soil compaction and allows excess water to drain away more efficiently, reducing the risk of waterlogged conditions that can be detrimental to plant roots.

  • Moisture Retention: While perlite promotes drainage, it also retains some moisture, providing a good balance for plants. It helps prevent the soil from drying out too quickly and helps maintain a consistent level of moisture around the roots.

  • Lightweight: Perlite is lightweight, making it easy to work with and ensuring that the soil mix remains loose and friable.

To use perlite in soil, it is typically blended with other components like peat moss, vermiculite, or coconut coir to create a well-balanced and nutrient-rich growing medium. Different plants have varying preferences for soil conditions, so the ratio of perlite to other components may be adjusted based on the specific needs of the plants being grown.

Gardeners often use perlite when preparing potting mixes for container gardening or when creating seed-starting mixes. The addition of perlite contributes to healthier root development, reduces the risk of overwatering, and supports overall plant growth.

Soil Perlite

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