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SP1150 Fire Door Calcium Silicate Board StarPan | Wedge India

High Strength | Upto 240 minutes Fire Resistance | High Insulation

Wedge SP1150 Board is a high density Fire Resistant calcium silicate board manufactured with

selective fibers to resist against fire when it used as core or infill boards in the Wooden Fire

Resistant doors. SP1150 Wedge StarPan boards are very easy to work with and have excellent gluing properties with Plywood to make extremely good finish Fire Doors. These boards do not have any asbestos content and have guarantee life of more than 30 Years. 

Benefits of Wedge SP1150 Fire Door Making Boards

With SP1150 board you can manufacture Woden Fire Doors:

FD120 :Fire Door with 120 Minutes Fire Rating with 2 Layers of 9 mm thick boards

FD60   :Fire Door with 60 Minutes Fire Rating   : 1 Layer of 9 mm or 2 layers of 6 mm Boards


Wedge SP1150 boards are tested in Indian CBRI lab fire according to BS 476. Its system, 89cm width wooden frame, high density Rockwool and 9 mm Starpan on each side, passed 120 minutes fire rated time.

Also Wedge SP1150 is tested in Exova Warrington fire according to BS 476. Its system, 89cm width

wooden frame, rockwool and 9 mm on each side, passed 120 minutes fire rated time. The board can be left plain or easily finished by paints, wallpaper ect. It can be used in both

new and old buildings.

Wedge Fire Door Board SP1150
Wedge Starpan

Applications Wedge SP1150

  • Manufacturing Low cost 60 to 120 Minutes Fire Doors

  • Fire Resistant Acoustic Door

  • Access Panel & Trap Doors

  • Lift Doors & Fire Escape Area

  • Aesthetic curved ceiling 

  • Moisture resistance ceiling Backing wall for wet area ceramic tiling

  • Casings for building services 

  • Fire rated backing board for metal claddings 

  • Fire rated industrial wall linings

  • Perforated finishes for acoustic space

  • Fire resistant barriers and spandrels

  • Fire protection to concrete structures

  • Fire Resistant Wooden Doors Manufacturing

  • Fire Resistant Steel Doors Making

  • Fire Resistant Lift Doors Manufacturing

  • Heat Shield / Thermal Protection

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire Resistant Partitions

  • Electrical & home appliances insulation gaskets

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