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Buy Low price high strength Insulation Boards for Steel Ladles Tundish and Slide Gate Performance increase.


High Temperature Wedge Millboard 1700 Benefits

Wedge Millboards 1700 are non-asbestos Millboards manufactured with excellent quality of high temperature mineral fibers. These Low cost, high strength, high temperature insulation Millboards are widely used as back-up insulation, as heat-shields, and as splash-guards. This is not only in the steel industry, but in many industries involving the transfer of molten metals.


Technical Specifications of Insulation Boards

Wedge Millboard 1700

Wedge Nanoporous Board

Wedge Mag-Silicate Board

Wedge Ceramic Fiber Board

Wedge Vermiculite Board

Low Cost

Very High Cost

High Cost

Low Cost

High Cost

Very High Strength

Very Low Strength

High Strength

Low Strength

Medium Strength

High Insulation

Very High Insulation

Low Insulation

High Insulation

Low Insulation

Thickness: 2 - 50 mm

Thickness: 5 - 50 mm

Thickness: 10 - 50 mm

Thickness: 5 - 50 mm

Thickness: 10 - 20 mm

Very Hard

Very Soft










Wedge Millboard 1700 have excellent thermomechanical properties:

• Very high operating temperature of 1000 C.

• Very high flexural strength > 7 Mpa

• Very low thermal conductivity 0.12 W/m.K

• Very low shrinkage at 1000C: 1.6 %

• Reusable without losing original thermomechanical properties

• Remains intact and highly stable at high temperatures.


Benefits and Applications

• Reduce High Shell Temperature

• Increase Refractory Life

• Reduce High Heat Loss

• Lower Shell Temperature - Protecting Shell

• Increased Refractory Life - Cost Reduction

• Reduce Heat Loss - Cost Reduction

• Lower Safety Lining Thickness

• Increase Ladle & Tundish Volume

• Increase Refractory Wear Lining Thickness

• Increase steel Production out put

• Reduce Maintenance Cost & Time

Wedge Millboard 1700

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