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We are engaged in making available Soapstone Lumps in pure white color. The Soapstone Lumps that we offer are extremely soft. The best attribute of these Soapstone Lumps is that they do not carry any acidic effects. The Soapstone Lumps, that we offer, are widely preferred in comparison to other alternatives available due to their purity, smoothness, and ability to withstand high temperatures.


Applications :


Electric Cables




Industries :




Cosmetic industry



Specifications :


SiO2: 61.84%

CaO: 0.56%

MgO: 30.60%

Fe2O3: 1.20%

Al2O3: 0.25%

LOI: 4.97%

Na2O : 0.10%

K2O: 0.05


Brightness: 93.50%

Whiteness: 95.50%

Soapstone Lumps / Powder

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