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Buy good quality rigid high insulation PU Polyurethane Insulation Boards with Aluminium foil covered. Its is used for Insulation of Roof and Wall for Chilled Water Tank, Cold Storage Wall and Roof.


It is also used as Pre-insulated Duct Panel and can offers a high performance light weight and good ductwork system that requires only a few single fix and installation process. It is widely used in the ventilation systems of central air conditioning units in hospital, hotel, market, mall, airport, and so on.


Technical Properties

Item Tested


Nominal Density

≥ 50 kg/m3

Aluminium Thickness

0.05 to 0.08mm

Thermal Conductivity

0.020-0.025 [W/(m·k)]

Bending Strength

≥ 1000 kPa

Reaction to Fire

Non-combustible Class A

Core material Water Absorption

≤ 6.0%

Regular Dimension

4000x1200x20 mm

Compressive Strength

≥ 250 kPa

Service Temperature

-140 to150 °C


PURAL | PU Polyurethane Insulation Board

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