OJC65 | Orange Juice Concentrate

OJC65 is 65º Brix grade good quality Orange Juice Concentrate manufactured with fresh quality oranges directly from the orange farms.


Orange Juice Concentrate 64º - 65º Brix is available with different quantities of cells and pulp, depending on the client’s needs. We also supply other orange sub-products, such as orange puree, orange concentrate clear, orange concentrate cloudy, orange essential oil, and orange pulp cells.


End Uses of Orange Juice Concentrate

1. Fruit beverages

2. Foods industrial applications

3. Bakery products

4. Ice cream

5. Dairy products

6. Soft drinks

7. Mocktails

8. Cocktails

9. Ready meals

10. Jams and syrups


OJC65 colour, taste and flavour is same as fresh oranges.



Depending on the order quantity we can supply in wide range of packing options in aseptic, metallic, cone-shaped drums, covered with plastic lids. Upon delivery, it should remain refrigerated between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius to avoid it from losing its properties and quality.


The most economic cost effective packing is in Aseptic Bag in MS Drum - 240 Kgs

OJC65 | Orange Juice Concentrate