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Calcium Silicate Boards Multipurpose | High Impact Resistance 

Low Density | Moisture Proof | Sound Proof | Fire Resistant


It is used as indoor ceiling and partition for moisture proof and fire proof in humid area in both civil and industrial construction. It is especially suitable for internal insulated base board in the modern construction. It can also be used as ceiling and partition in schools, shopping center, theater and other public places because of its high anti-impact property. Its outstanding sound proof performance meets the high requirement of privacy and sound insulation.


It has the ability of steam respiration. It can absorb the humidity in the air in spring and summer, while release it in autumn and winter, which can make the user more comfortable in daily life.


Partition and ceiling can improve the performance of thermal insulation and moisture-proof; decrease the cost of the air-conditioning and heating. It can be left plain or easily finished by paints, wallpaper etc. It can be used in both new and old buildings.

Calcium Silicate Boards

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