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Asbestos insulation look like sheet fiber board rope used for packing, millboard, rigid board, pipe, attic, wall, furnace, rolls, gasket, seals etc. At Wedge India we highly discouraged use of asbestos insulation in India and always recommend our clients to go for Non-asbestos substitute wedge insulation products.


We educate our clients about risks associated in Asbestos and help them to develop non-asbestos replacement options and solutions for their end use applications. For example we offer our non-asbestos millboards at very low price options to encourages our customers to stop using Asbestos containing products.


Applications of Non Asbestos Insulation:
For all kinds of thermal insulations ranging from domestic cookers and ironing boards to industrial applications such as glass moulding, ovens and furnaces and domestic stoves. As the sheets can be bent to any diameter with a little moisture, they are most suitable for large diameter pipe cladding. Used worldwide in pipe insulation, corrosion under insulation protection, iron & steel foundries, melt shops, metallurgical and pouring control systems, feeding system.

  • High temperature gasket & sealings

  • Hot Water / Gas / Oil Pipeline

  • Ladle & Tundish Backup Insulation.

  • High heat Steam Pipeline

  • Petrochemical industry & power generation

  • Back-up insulation in refractory lined pipes

  • Exhaust systems

  • Filler material for mattresses, cassettes, heat shields,

  • expansion joints

  • Prefabricated pipe with insulation

  • Tanks, vessels and other equipment

  • Pipe line insulation in Petrochemical plants

  • Automobile, high-speed, train, and subway

  • Building and Construction

  • PFP (Passive Fire Protection)

  • Pipe Insulation & Pipe Support

  • High temperature gasket & sealings

  • Boiler & Furnace Insulation

  • Oil & Gas Burners Insulation

  • Furnace, Dryer, and Oven Insulation

  • Pipe & duct Insulation

  • Metal clad Gaskets fillers

  • Aluminium & Steel Plant gaskets seals

  • Electrical & home appliances insulation gaskets

  • Lime Kiln and Cement Kiln Insulation

  • Gaskets for centrifugal casting

  • Glass rollers as washers on mandrel

  • Stainless Steel Plant Rollers Insulation

  • Electrical & home appliances insulation gaskets

  • Fire Resistant Doors making, Lifts, Safes, Cupboards

  • Asbestos pipe insulation
  • Asbestos attic insulation
  • Vermiculite insulation asbestos
  • Asbestos wall insulation
  • Asbestos wire insulation
  • Asbestos insulating board
  • Asbestos batt insulation


Technical Properties

Temperature: 400-1400°c
Tensile Strength: 12-14kg/cm2
Loss on ignition: <18%
Density: 1.3g/cm3
Color: White / Grey

Size: 1m x 1m, Thickness:3mm-50mm
Packing: with Wooden case,100kg/case

MOQ Price | To get best price Please send Enquiry / RFQ 

680 USD / MT


Benefits of Non Asbestos Insulation and Features

  • Low Thermal Conductivity 

  • High Insulation Performance

  • High Thermal Comfort in Homes

  • Energy Cost Reduction

  • Heat Loss Reduction

  • High Cold Storage Efficiency

  • Better Cold Insulation

  • Best Fire Protection

  • Effective heat shield

  • Energy Saving 

  • Environment Protection

  • Pollution Control & Reduction

  • Noise Barriers

  • High Acoustic Insulation

  • Better Home Insulation

  • Green Building Construction

  • Passive Fire Protection

  • Sound Control

  • High Strength with Light Weight

  • Building Life Enhancing

  • Industrial Heat Loss Reduction

  • Equipment Life Increase 

Asbestos Insulation Replacement

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