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RCC BRACKET REINFORCED CONCRETE BRACKETS high strength low price wedge India. RCC Bracket is a short cantilever beam ratio of effective depth to shear span less than unity. It forms bracket, column, beam, and slab system.


RCC Bracket is used mostly in pre-cast buildings to transfer load from beam or slab to column or concrete wall. RCC Bracket is a structural member cast with column or wall at the same time.


RCC bracket is a reinforced concrete member is a short-haunched cantilever used to support the reinforced concrete beam element. Corbel is structural element to support the pre-cast structural system such as pre-cast beam and pre-stressed beam. The corbel is cast monolithic with the column element or wall element.


The location of neutral axis limits the compression and the tension region. In bracket, the region above neutral axis represents tension region, and the region lower neutral axis represents compression region, and at the same time concrete is known with its good resistance in compression and poor resistance in tension, so that the steel bar should be used in the tension region to increase the load carrying capacity.



The followings are the major items show the behavior of the reinforced concrete corbel, as follows :

The shear span/depth ratio is less than 1.0, it makes the corbel behave in two-dimensional manner.

Shear deformation is significant is the corbel.

There is large horizontal force transmitted from the supported beam result from long-term shrinkage and creep deformation.

Bearing failure due to large concentrated load.

The cracks are usually vertical or inclined pure shear cracks.

The mode of failure of corbel are : yielding of the tension tie, failure of the end anchorage of the tension tie, failure of concrete by compression or shearinga and bearing failure.


Single-side bracket is a formwork system for concrete casting of single-side wall,characterized by its universal components, easy construction and simple and quick operation.Since there is no wall-through tie rod, the wall body after casting is completely water-proof.It has been widely applied to the outer wall of basement, sewage treatment plant, subway and road & bridge side slope protection.

Since the corbel is cast at different time with the column element then the cracks occurs in the interface of the corbel and the column. To avoid the cracks we must provide the shear friction reinforcement perpendicular with the cracks direction.


The behavior of reinforced concrete bracket likes the behavior of deep beam in mostly fails by shear failure. Reinforced concrete bracket needs shear strengthening. Many different methods of shear strengthening are available such as shear strengthening by external strengthening (strip and plate) and internal strengthening (bar and plate).


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