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Buy good quality high temperature Exfoliated vermiculite at low price 58 INR / Kg at Wedge India. Exfoliated vermiculite is a form of the mineral vermiculite that has been processed through heating. When vermiculite is heated to high temperatures (around 800–1500°C), it expands or "exfoliates" due to the rapid evaporation of water within its structure. This expansion process results in a lightweight, porous material with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, as well as fire resistance.

Properties of Exfoliated Vermiculite

  • Thermal Insulation:

    • Low thermal conductivity, making it an excellent insulator against heat.
  • Fire Resistance:

    • Non-combustible and can withstand temperatures up to 1100°C without breaking down.
  • Lightweight:

    • The exfoliation process creates a material that is significantly lighter than its original form.
  • High Absorbency:

    • Highly absorbent, making it useful for various agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Chemical Inertness:

    • Chemically stable and resistant to most chemicals, including acids and bases.
  • Acoustic Insulation:

    • Good sound-absorbing properties, useful in noise reduction applications.

Applications of Exfoliated Vermiculite

  • Construction:

    • Loose-Fill Insulation: Used in walls and attics for thermal and acoustic insulation.
    • Fireproofing: Applied in sprayable fireproofing materials for steel structures, fire doors, and safes.
    • Lightweight Concrete: Mixed with cement to create lightweight, insulating concrete.
  • Agriculture:

    • Soil Amendment: Improves soil aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient exchange.
    • Hydroponics: Used as a growing medium in hydroponic systems due to its ability to retain water and nutrients.
  • Horticulture:

    • Seed Germination: Provides a sterile and nutrient-rich environment for seeds to germinate.
    • Potting Mixes: Enhances drainage and moisture retention in potting soils.
  • Industrial:

    • High-Temperature Insulation: Used in furnaces, kilns, and other high-temperature applications.
    • Packaging Material: Acts as a cushioning and protective material for sensitive items.
  • Automotive:

    • Brake Linings: Historically used in brake linings for its heat-resistant properties (though usage has declined due to health concerns with asbestos).
  • Consumer Goods:

    • Absorbents: Used to clean up spills of hazardous liquids due to its high absorbency.

Technical Specifications of Exfoliated Vermiculite

  • Thermal Conductivity: Approximately 0.048 W/m·K at 20°C
  • Maximum Service Temperature: Up to 1100°C
  • Density: Varies based on grade, typically around 64 to 160 kg/m³
  • Fire Resistance: Non-combustible, meets various fire safety standards
  • pH: Neutral to slightly alkaline, around 7.0 to 9.5
  • Water Retention: Can retain water up to 3-4 times its weight


Exfoliated vermiculite is a versatile material with numerous applications across various industries due to its lightweight, insulating, and fire-resistant properties. Whether used in construction for thermal insulation, in agriculture to improve soil properties, or in industrial settings for high-temperature insulation, exfoliated vermiculite offers significant benefits

Exfoliated Vermiculite

1 Kilogram
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