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Buy online at very low price Softwood Plywood for Construction Boards at wedge. Special discounted price 4.5 INR/SQF for Size 2440x1220x2 MM. 


Plywood GST HSN / HS Code: 44129990


Softwood Plywood is plywood which has a face and back veneer of softwood as opposed to a hardwood such as Birch, Maple, Oak, etc. Softwood plywood panels are comprised of a core made from either softwood then faced and backed with a veneer of soft wood and therefore are used for structural applications.


Price ListSize, mmThickness, mmPrice, INR / Pc
Softwood Plywood2440x12201.5095.56
Softwood Plywood2440x12201.60101.93
Softwood Plywood2440x12201.7098.05
Softwood Plywood2440x12201.80126.80
Softwood Plywood2440x12202.00133.36
Softwood Plywood2440x12202.50156.50
Softwood Plywood2440x12202.90175.23
Softwood Plywood2440x12203.00216.77
Softwood Plywood2440x12205.00361.28
Softwood Plywood2440x12208.00530.61
Softwood Plywood2440x12208.00578.05
Softwood Plywood2440x122012.00867.08
Softwood Plywood2440x122015.001083.85
Softwood Plywood2440x122017.001228.36
Softwood Plywood2440x122024.001734.16
Softwood Plywood2440x122030.001989.78

Softwood Plywood for Construction

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